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PhoneBanking services are a combination of IVR and Agent offering, depending on the type of transaction. For all transactions that cannot be completed on the IVR such as reporting loss of cards, logging complaints, requests & queries, PhoneBanker-assisted services are available.

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Get up-to-the-second details of your Savings or Current Accounts and Fixed Deposits
    • Get the details of the last 5 transactions on your account.
    • Enquire on the status of cheques issued or deposited anywhere in India#
    • Order a Cheque Book / Account statement to be delivered to your mailing address.
    • Stop payment of a single cheque or a series of cheques, 24 hours a day
    • Get details of the outstanding loan amount, enquire about your loan account, request for an interest certificate and repayment schedule, etc #.
    • Open a Fixed Deposit or enquire about your Fixed Deposits / TDS#
    • Transfer funds between Accounts linked to your Customer ID
    • Pay your cellular, telephone & electricity bills using BillPay
    • Call PhoneBanking to report Loss of your ATM / Debit / Prepaid Card.
      This service is available 24 hours on all days
    • Get details on HDFC Bank products and services by talking to our PhoneBanker
    • Enquire about latest interest / exchange rates by talking to our PhoneBanker
    • Get the Email ID added/updated in your Account by talking to our Phonebanker. Click here to know more.

    #This is a PhoneBanker-assisted facility & is available only between 8:00 am to 8:00 p.m. IST on all the days including Sundays & Bank Holidays for all PhoneBanking numbers except Bihar & Jharkhand. (In Bihar & Jharkhand, PhoneBanker-assisted services available between 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m IST on weekdays & 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m IST on Saturdays only. The facility is not available on Sundays & Bank Holidays in India as applicable)

  • FAQs

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    What is the difference between a Customer ID and a Telephone Identification Number (TIN)?

    The Customer ID is a unique number given to an account holder when he opens an account and is communicated in the Welcome Letter.

    The Telephone Identification Number (TIN) also called PhoneBanking password, is a four-digit number which you need to use along with the Customer ID in order to access account information on PhoneBanking. The Telephone Identification Number (TIN) is sent to you in your Welcome Kit.

    Kindly keep both Customer ID and TIN confidential.

    How can I get my Customer ID if I have not received the welcome letter?

    Just call PhoneBanking numbers in your city and request for Customer ID.

    What is IVR?

    IVR is the abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response System. This is an automated PhoneBanking system which allows you to access your confidential a/c information after dialing your Customer Id and the TIN or Debit card number and PIN. You can also access a host of other transactions.

    Why am I not able to access the IVR system?

    The probable reason is that you are calling from a Pulse (analog) telephone exchange or instrument. The other reasons and the solutions are as under:

    • You dial and get an engaged tone
      This could happen because of some issue at the exchange or all the PhoneBanking lines could be occupied. In this case, please call PhoneBanking after some time.
    • You dial and get a ringing tone
      One or more lines in the hunt group are dead. Hence, in case you cannot get transferred to the IVR after 3 rings, please try again.
    • You get through but are unable to go past the IVR welcome message
      This is the most common complaint. This happens when you are calling from a Pulse mode instrument. In such cases the instrument has to be converted to the Tone mode by dialling the Star " * " button on the telephone before dialing.

    Why am I not able to make my bill payment through PhoneBanking?

    To make a bill Payment, you need to register for our BillPay facility. If you are already registered and still unable to make the payment, please call PhoneBanking number in your city.

    How do I report loss of ATM / Debit / Prepaid Card after agent hours ?

    Just call the PhoneBanking number. Hotlisting / Blocking of the ATM / Debit / Prepaid Card can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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