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Corporate Banking reflects HDFC Bank's strengths in providing our corporate clients in India, a wide array of commercial, transactional and electronic banking products. We achieve this through innovative product development and a well-integrated approach to relationship management.

Large Corporates

We offer blue chip companies in India, a full range of client-focused corporate banking services, including working capital finance, trade and transactional services, foreign exchange and cash management, to name a few. The product offerings are suitably structured taking into account a client's risk profile and specific needs. Based on our superior product delivery, industry benchmark service levels and strong customer orientation, we have made significant inroads into the formal banking consortia of a number of Indian companies including multinationals, domestic business houses and prime public sector companies.

Funded Services
Working Capital Finance Short Term Finance
Bill Discounting Structured Finance
Export Credit Term Lending

Non Funded Services
Letter of Credit Bank Guarantees
Collection of Documents    

Value Added Services
Syndication Services Forex Desk
Real Time Gross Settlement Money Market Desk
Cash Management Services Derivatives Desk
Channel Financing Employees Trusts
Corporate Salary Accounts Cash Surplus Corporates
Reimbursement Account Tax Collection
Bankers to Right/Public Issue Online payment of Gujarat VAT

Internet Banking
Supply Chain Management Payment Gateway Services
Corporate Internet Banking    

Supply Chain Partners

At HDFC Bank we create Supply Chain Finance solutions that enable our clients to automate supply chain management resulting in operational efficiency and supply chain gains. Our vast array of services and supply chain solutions help in seamless transfer of funds, faster delivery of goods and reduction of processing costs. And all this from our website or our revolutionary ENet™ service.

Dealer Finance
Vendor Finance

Agricultural Lending
Everyone who is involved in agricultural industry knows that the business is not usual. Each agribusiness faces different challenges and has unique needs. From the fluctuating cash flows to the unpredictability of the weather, managing a successful agribusiness requires a distinctive approach.

That's why the HDFC Bank has solutions that are chiefly dedicated to agribusiness.

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Agricultural Lending