PhoneBanking offers you all the conveniences you need to access your Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Demat & Investment Services from the comfort of your home, office or on the move, all this in your preferred language. PhoneBanking services are a combination of IVR and Agent offering, depending on the type of transaction. For all transactions that cannot be completed on the IVR, PhoneBanker assited services are available

Call PhoneBanking and enjoy Banking convenience.

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Access and operate your Bank account

  • Report loss of ATM / Debit / Credit  / Forex / Prepaid Cards (24 hr. service)
  • Check account balance & cheque status
  • Order cheque books or account statements
  • Stop cheque payments

Resolve Credit Card related queries

  • Outstanding Balance and transaction related
  • Information on due date

Information on Loans

  • Check details of outstanding loan amount
  • Enquire about overdrafts
  • Get details on swap or foreclosure procedures, etc.

Resolve Demat and Loan Against Securities Queries

  • Resolve queries on account holdings, transaction details or opening an account

Get Started?

Please keep your Customer Identification Number & Telephone Identifcation Number (TIN) or Debit Card number/ ATM Card number/ Bearer Card number & the associated PIN ready to access your account

Contact Number
6160 6161

Do you want to know our PhoneBanking services in detail?

PhoneBanking offers you the advantage of various services. Here is a detailed description of all you can do with Phone Banking:

  • Report loss of your ATM/ Debit /Credit/ Forex / Prepaid Card: Anyone can easily use your lost ATM, Debit, Credit, Forex or Prepaid Card. If you lose your card call our PhoneBanking service immediately to ensure your card is hot-listed or blocked instantly. This is a PhoneBanker assisted service and is available 24 hrs. on all days
  • Check your account balance: You can check up-to-the-second details of your Savings or Current Accounts and your Fixed Deposits. You can also check the last 5 transactions on your account. If you’d like, we can fax a mini-statement to you with the last 15 transactions on your account.
  • Enquire about cheque status:Check the status of the cheques you have issued from your account or deposited into your account from anywhere in India.
  • Order a Cheque Book / Account Statement: If you are running out of cheque leaves or if you want your account statement a new cheque book or your latest account statement can be sent to your mailing address.
  • Stop Cheque Payment: : If you have lost a cheque you can stop the cheque payment. You can also stop payment of a series of cheques through PhoneBanking.
  • Access your Credit Card details - Get the details of outstanding balances, transactions, fees and charges, deliverables, information on due date, avail  attractive offers for loans on Credit Cards and Insurance products
  • Enquire about Loans: Get details of the outstanding loan amount, enquire about your loan account, request for an interest certificate and repayment schedule. Just call the PhoneBanking number in your city and select your preferred language and then dial option 4.
  • Resolve Demat queries: With PhoneBanking you can get account holding details, transaction details, the ISIN number of a script, the status of a Depository Slip, Client Master list details, Charges for the account, etc. Call PhoneBanking in your city and resolve your queries, after selecting your preferred language and dialling 5.
  • Open a Fixed /Recurring Deposit #: Just call our PhoneBanking service to open a Fixed / Recurring Deposit and authorise a transfer of funds from your account.
  • Transfer funds between accounts #: Tansfer money from one account to another over the phone. Make sure the accounts are linked to a single customer ID and you can transfer up to Rs. 1 lakh in a single day.
  • Register and Pay your bills: Now you have an easy way to register and pay your mobile, telephone & electricity bills through PhoneBanking with our BillPay service.
  • Re-generate ATM / Debit card PIN / NetBanking IPIN: If you have forgotten your ATM or Debit Card PIN or your NetBanking IPIN, call PhoneBanking to re-generate your PIN / IPIN.
  • Enquire about latest Interest /Exchange rates: Our PhoneBanking service will give you the latest interest rates on Deposits and Foreign Exchange rates.
  • Request a Demand Draft / Manager's Cheque #**: We will send your Demand Drafts and Manager's Cheques right to your doorstep.
  • Learn about all our other products: Any query or concern you have about HDFC Bank’s products or services can be resolved instantly by our PhoneBanking service.
  • Resolve Loan Against Securities Account related queries : Get details of Account Position (Credit limit , Utilized amount, Overdrawn amount), Drawing Power,Rate of interest, Pledge details,Interest Amount on Utilization of Limit. Call PhoneBanking in your city, select your preferred language & dial 5 to speak to our PhoneBanking.
  • Update your Email Id - You can call us to update your email id.
  • Debit Card points redemption - Redeem your Debit Card points through PhoneBanking

#This facility is available only during PhoneBanking hours (i.e. when PhoneBankers are available).
** The delivery facility is available only in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore & Ahmedabad.

Want a list of the PhoneBanking numbers?

We have changed our PhoneBanking numbers to make them easier to remember. You can call the PhoneBanking number in your city to report loss of your ATM / Debit / Credit / Forex / Prepaid Card at any time.

Click here find the PhoneBanking number in your city

Please keep your Customer Identification Number & Telephone Identifcation Number (TIN) or Debit / ATM / Bearer Card number & associated PIN ready to access your account.

How to register for PhoneBanking?

Download the PhoneBanking application form - Download the form, print it, fill in the details along with your signature and drop it off at the nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Don’t have an HDFC Bank account yet?

If you don't have an HDFC Bank Account yet, then get one now!

Just download and fill in the account opening form and submit it to your nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Safety Measures

You must not share any of your password with any person including the representative of the Bank. Password should be shared by you only to verify yourself on the Bank system.

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