Retail Agri Loans - Kisan Card / Kisan Gold Card

Kisan Gold Card offers loan to farmers with tenure up to 84 months. With easy documentation and speedy approvals, getting a loan couldn’t get any easier.

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  • Use your Kisan Gold Card to buy agricultural equipment and pay for other agricultural related expenses.
  • Credit limit of Kisan Gold Card will initially be set for 1 year and will be renewed subsequently.
  • Enjoy the modern convenience of anytime and anywhere banking!

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  • Your Kisan Gold Card will broadly cover crop production requirements, post harvest and domestic consumption requirements and other equipment related expenses.
  • You will get a Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Rs. 2 lakhs totally FREE!
  • You can enjoy daily withdrawal amounts with an upper limit of Rs. 15,000 at ATMs and Rs. 25,000 at merchant outlets.

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Why take a Retail Agri Loan - Kisan Card / Kisan Gold Card from HDFC Bank?

Whatever be your need we have a loan for you. Over the years we have won the trust of our customers and have become market leader in loan products.

Enjoy triple benefits when you take a Retail Agri Loan - Kisan Card / Kisan Gold Card from HDFC Bank:

  • Faster loan - Our loan sanction and disbursal is one of the quickest with easy documentation and doorstep service.
  • Competitive pricing – Our loan rates and charges are very attractive
  • Transparency – All charges are communicated up front in writing along with the loan quotation

Features and Benefits of Kisan Gold Card

The Kisan Gold Card will give you convenient credit in the form of a hassle-free loan to meet farming production and investment requirements. Although, peer banks have been providing such credit facilities to farmers, HDFC Bank’s Retail Agri Loan comes with the convenience of a Kisan Gold Card and anytime, anywhere banking.

  • Anytime Anywhere banking: You will now be free from the age old hassle of traditional 10 AM to 2 PM banking at your parent branch only.
  • Wide coverage: Just like any other VISA credit or debit card offered by HDFC Bank, the Kisan Gold Card too can be used at any bank’s ATM including HDFC Bank ATMs across the country and all Visa establishments worldwide. The Kisan Gold card gives you the freedom to transact at more than 6000 HDFC Bank ATMs located in more than 900 locations without any extra charge.
    Also, this card can be used at any other Bank’s ATM across the country and all VISA establishments worldwide.
  • Withdrawal limit: You can withdrawal amounts with a daily upper limit of Rs. 15,000 at ATMs and Rs. 25,000 at merchant outlets.
  • Utility Value: The Kisan Gold Card helps you meet your production and investment needs. This broadly covers crop production requirements, including funds required for all related inputs to grow a crop. The card is also equipped to meet Post Harvest and Domestic consumption requirements.
  • Agri-related expenses: Armed with the Kisan Gold Card, you can also purchase agricultural equipment/implements, fulfill irrigation requirements, construct farm buildings and invest in agricultural related activities such as dairy, piggery, poultry, beekeeping, etc.
  • Card limit: The credit limit on the Kisan Gold Card is sanctioned for 1 year, based on your farming production requirements. It can be renewed every year.
  • Insurance: You will get a Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Rs. 2 lakhs totally FREE!
  • Credit Facility: The ATM Debit Card will be backed by a line of credit.

What are the eligibility criteria for securing the Kisan Gold Card?

Are you a farmer who owns a piece of agricultural land? Is the land actively generating crop? If yes, then you are eligible to apply for a loan through the Kisan Gold Card.

Thank you for your interest in HDFC Bank's Retail Agri Loans. Kindly fill out this form so that our Relationship Manager can get in touch with you.

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  • You can use Pay-at-Par (PAP) cheques instead of making Demand Drafts for more convenience. Your cheques will be payable at all locations.
  • You can enjoy cashless transactions through your Debit Card at merchant locations and VISA establishments worldwide.

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Fees and charges

Description of ChargesFacility TypeLoan amountCharges/ Fee AmountFrequency of charging
Supervision Charges KGC CC /TL (Other than allied and other cases) <= 10 lakh Rs 500 Half Yearly
>Rs 10 lakh- Rs 25 lakh Rs 750
>Rs 25 lakh- Rs 50 lakh Rs 1000
>  Rs 50 lakh Rs 2000
Allied Activities & Other <= 25 Lakh Rs 1250 Quarterly
> Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh Rs 1500
>  Rs 50 lakh Rs 2000
Processing Fee* KGC Saral All Rs 250 Loan Processing & at the time of enhancement
All except KGC Saral All 1%
Foreclosure Charges* KGC TL All 4% of outstanding amount At the time of loan closure
pre closure of KGC  TL within  6 months is not allowed
KGC CC (> 1 year) All Nil NA
KGC CC (< 1 year) All 4% At the time of loan closure
Late Payment Penalty KGC TL All 2% p.m. on overdue amount At the time of loan regularisation
KGC CC All 1.33% p.m. on overdue amount At the time of loan regularisation
Stamp Duty & other statutory charges All All At actuals as per applicable laws of the State Loan Processing
Legal, valuation and vetting charges All All At actuals At the time of loan Processing
Cheque Bounce Charges* All All Rs 550/- At the instant
Cheque Swapping Charges All All Rs 500/- Per transaction
CIBIL Report Copy Charges All All Rs 50/- Per request
Repayment Schedule Charges All All Rs. 200/- Per request
*Charges which are in nature of fees are EXCLUSIVE of service tax.
Service tax and other government levies, as applicable, would be charged additionally.

Average Rates offered to customer during the period of July '15 to Sep '15

Bank IRR
9.45% 15.85% 11.92%

Average Annual Percentage Rate offered to customer during the period of July '15 to Sep '15

9.45% 58.80% 13.39%

The above information is exclusive of accounts under government schemes.

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