Distribution of financial products

What’s the product all about?

  • Process that considers your risk profile, investment objectives and financial goals
  • Expert advice from our in-house research team
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Tracker
  • Monthly updates on new offers and investment concepts.

What process does it follow?

A complete structured process:

  • Identifying Objectives
  • Establishing your Risk Profile
  • Recommending Research Backed Solutions
  • Seamless Execution
  • Regular Reviews

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Features and Benefits of Distribution of financial products


Our Distribution of financial products comes to you with an array of unmatched benefits, which include:

  • Structured Process considering your risk profile, investment objectives and financial goals
  • Recommendations from HDFC Bank's in-house research team
  • Choice of convenient Mutual Fund execution platforms
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Tracker* that provides a consolidated view of your Mutual Fund Investments, HDFC Life Policies, Savings, Current & FD Account Balances
  • Complimentary subscription* to our exclusive monthly magazine - Investment Insight, that updates you on:
    • Market Movements
    • New Fund Offerings
    • Recommended Funds' Performance
    • Fund Managers' Views
    • Informative articles on various investment products
  • Proactive monthly updates on new offers and investment concepts.

View the Distribution of financial products Model Portfolio here.

What process does it follow?

The 5 step structured process of Distribution of financial products involves:

5 Steps process

To know more about this service, please contact your Relationship Manager / Branch Manager, or visit our nearest branch.


HDFC Bank under no circumstances accepts or agrees to accept funds from the customer for management. While we provide you with the said services, it will not in any way mean and be construed that we have been in any way involved in any of your decision-making process to invest in any security / shares etc. The decision (if any) will be taken by you solely in your sole and absolute discretion and it is not obligatory / necessary for you to act on our advice or apprise us of your actions at any time whatsoever. The services of HDFC Bank, therefore, cannot be in any manner termed or construed as management of your portfolio and HDFC Bank shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for the consequences resulting from you taking the decision based on our Research Based Advice and investing your funds in various securities.

*Conditions apply. HDFC Bank reserves the right to revise its offer from time to time and introduce / withdraw any product or services without prior notice or consent.

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