Do you enjoy new purchases, but find handling cash an irritation? With HDFC Bank’s DirectPay, you really can forget about cash, cards and cheques. Your HDFC Bank Savings or Current account is all you need.

Why use DirectPay?

  • Shop online easily
  • Use your Savings or Current account
  • Make secure transactions

What are the benefits of DirectPay

  • You can do more than shop – use DirectPay to organize Air tickets, pay your mobile phone bill, or pay your insurance premium
  • All you need is an HDFC Bank account and a registration for NetBanking with Third Party Transfer (TPT) registration.To know more click here.

How safe is DirectPay?

Are you concerned about making purchases online? You don’t need to worry about DirectPay. That’s because HDFC Bank offers the highest level of security available. It’s called Secure Socket Layer, or SSL encryption, and it means that your NetBanking details are kept completely confidential. Your customer ID and password cannot be viewed by the merchant, and we don’t share your details with a third party.

Remember, we like to keep it simple, but we take your security seriously.

What’s the payment process?

  • Decide what you want to pay for
  • In the checkout process, select HDFC Bank’s Direct Debit / NetBanking as your option
  • Authorise the transaction using your Customer ID and NetBanking password

When your payment is authorised, your purchases are debited directly to your account, and credited to the account of the provider (or website) from where you are shopping.

How do I know which websites offer the DirectPay facility?

Remember, shopping is not your only option. You can use DirectPay for your phone bills, to buy railway tickets or pay your insurance premium.

To view the list of websites offering the DirectPay facility select from the catgorey's given below:


What if I’m a resident of Hyderabad or Secunderabad?

If you are a resident of Hyderabad or Secunderabad, you can take advantage of HDFC Bank’s tie-up with Eseva, a unique, integrated service launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Now you can pay your electricity bills, water rates and municipal taxes with DirectPay. Telephone bills will also be included soon.

Best of all, payments made with DirectPay are updated in the databases of the utility companies in a real-time basis.

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