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Our wide range of ATMs across the country ensures that you are never too far away from money. You can cater to your diverse banking needs, right from just withdrawing cash to a whole host of other transactions to help you manage your account with complete security and convenience, whenever you want.

Welcome to 24 hour banking!

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  • Features & Benefits

    Enjoy various features using our Bank ATMs. Here is a look at what you can do at our ATMs:

    • 24 hour access to cash : You can withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 per day on your ATM Card and up to Rs. 25,000 or more on your Debit Card (depending on the type of card held).
    • Personalised cash withdrawals : Save time on your cash withdrawal transactions by pre-setting your preferred language / account / amount.
    • View account balances and mini-statements : Get a mini-statement with the last 9 transactions on your account, with your account balance.
    • Change ATM PIN : Change your ATM PIN whenever you want.
    • Order a cheque book or account statement : You can order a cheque book or an account statement from our ATMs.
    • HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment : Pay your HDFC Bank Credit Card bill at any of our ATMs. The primary account of your Debit / ATM card will be debited.
    • Deposit cash or cheques : Deposit cheques or cash into your account at our selected non-branch ATMs.
    • Transfer funds between accounts : You can transfer funds between the accounts. A maximum of 16 accounts (Savings / Current) can be linked to a card.
    • Refill your Prepaid mobile : Refill your prepaid mobile using the Prepaid Mobile Refill service instantly.
    • Pay your utility bills : Pay your mobile, telephone and electricity bills through our ATMs using BillPay, a comprehensive bill payment solution. Click here to know more.
    • Cheque Status Enquiry : Get information about the status of a cheque issued from your account.
    • NetBanking password request : Request for your NetBanking password (IPIN) at an ATM and it will be sent to your recorder mailing address.
    • Registration for Mobile Banking : Register for MobileBanking and use our Banking services through your mobile.

    There are no charges levied for use of other bank’s cards on HDFC Bank ATMs for cash withdrawals and balance enquires.

  • Fees & Charges

    For NR customers no charge is levied for domestic transactions on HDFC Bank ATMs as well as non HDFC Bank ATMs.

    You will be allowed to withdraw a maximum of Rs 10,000 per transaction from another bank's ATM w.e.f from 15th October 2009.

    Transaction Cash Withdrawal Balance Inquiry
    International ATM transactions Rs. 125/- + applicable tax Rs. 25/- + applicable tax

    With effect from 1st February 2016, the charges of International ATM transactions would be revised to Rs 125 + taxes for Cash Withdrawal and Rs 25 + taxes for Balance Enquiry transactions

  • FAQs

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    Is an ATM Card like a Credit Card?

    No, an ATM Card is different from a Credit Card. Using your ATM Card, you can access your account and carry out most of your banking transactions, round the clock. But you cannot shop with your ATM Card.
    Also, unlike a Credit Card, your ATM Card prevents you from over-extending yourself by permitting you to withdraw cash only as long as there is money in your account. Finally, if you withdraw cash using a Credit Card, you will be charged a service fee, whereas using an ATM Card does not attract any charges.

    What does “valid till 01/01” on my card mean?

    This means that your ATM Card is valid until January 2001. The first two numbers indicate the month and the next two the year till which your Card is valid.

    How do I use my ATM?

    To use the HDFC Bank ATM, just follow these easy steps:

    • Insert your Card into the slot provided
    • Select the language in which you want to be led through the transactions. Most ATMs offer you the options of conducting your transactions in English and Hindi. At some locations, you will be able to select between English and the regional language
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN. Press the "Enter" key
    • Select the transaction you wish to conduct (eg: withdrawal/ balance enquiry)
    • Select the account type. If you are using a Credit Card, select the "Credit" option
    • If you are making a withdrawal, enter the amount you wish to receive
    • Confirm that the amount is correct
    • Collect your cash, Card and receipt

    Whom am I supposed to contact in case my card is lost / stolen?

    In case your card is lost / stolen, as first step you need to block your card in order to avoid any fraudulent transaction happening from your account.

    For blocking your card you need to either

    • Call up your local HDFC Bank PhoneBanking Number


    • Log onto HDFC Bank NetBanking and block the card using the option of 'Hotlisting' under 'Debit Cards'


    • Visit your nearest HDFC Bank Branch.
    What should I do in case my ATM / Debit Card gets stuck in another bank's ATM?

    In case your HDFC Bank card gets stuck in another bank's ATM machine, please block your card immediately by either:

    Am I charged anything if I lose my ATM / Debit Card or it is stolen?

    If the ATM / Debit Card is lost or stolen, any transaction made with your card at an ATM is a result of you compromising your PIN, which should have been known only to you. In such a case you are liable for any loss incurred for any transaction made with your card by someone else at an ATM.

    Can these cards be used at any bank ATM in the country?

    Yes, the cards issued by banks in India can be used at any bank ATM within India.

    Can I use my HDFC Bank ATM / Debit Card at other bank’s ATMs?

    Yes, you can use your ATM / Debit Card at other bank’s ATMs, however, there might be some charges you incur when you do so.

    Charges on Other Bank's ATM Networks in India Charges
    For Current Account Debit Card Holders Balance enquiry - Free
    Cash withdrawal - Rs. 20/-* per transaction
    For Salary & Saving Account Debit Card Holders Total of 5 ATM Financial and Non-Financial transactions per month at other Bank ATMs free of cost.
    Charges from the 6th Transation onwards:
     – Rs. 20.00/-* per Financial transaction - i.e Cash Withdrawals
     – Rs. 8.50/-** per Non-Financial transaction - e.g. Balance Inquiry, Pin   Change & Mini Statement

    Click Here for Additional Questions By RBI.

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