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IndiaLink is an easy, secure and quick facility of remitting funds to India from the Middle East.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Instant credit to your HDFC Bank Account or other bank accounts within 2 hours (subject to NEFT/ RTGS cut offs).
    • Save on remittance costs by remitting funds through banks and exchange houses using HDFC Bank's IndiaLink product.
    • Remitting through IndiaLink is fully secure and there is no possibility of manual errors since this system is fully automated.
    • The remitter and beneficiary will receive an SMS alert confirming execution of the transaction.
    • Issue a Demand Draft to reach your beneficiary within 3 working days.
    • Send a two-line personalised message along with the Demand Draft.
    • Receive an acknowledgement from the exchange house on delivery of your Demand Draft.
    • Faster processing at the exchange house and bank counters for frequent remitters through our 'Frequent User Card'. This will reduce the time taken per transaction.
    • Do status enquiry from the exchange house/ Bank since the system provides a real-time status of the transaction.

  • Access Point in Gulf

    To remit funds through IndiaLink, all you need to do is:

              - Visit any of our Partner Exchange House/Bank

              - Submit relevant details and the remittance amount (foreign currency)

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