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With HDFC Bank's Loan against Securities, you can get an overdraft against your securities like Equity Shares, Mutual Fund Units while still retaining ownership.

To find out more about our Loan against Securities, please click here to visit the Loan against Securities page in the Personal Banking section.

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  • FAQs

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    I have shares of a single company. Can I get limits against just one scrip?

    Yes. You can avail of limits by pledging any of the approved single scrips under our "Single Scrip Scheme" (The drawing power on these single scrips will range from 25% to 50%).

    Is my overdraft limit fixed?

    Your portfolio is valued periodically and your overdraft limit varies, depending on the market rate of the shares you have pledged. You may at any time choose to increase your overdraft limit by pledging more shares, or decrease it by withdrawing them.

    How frequently do you revalue my portfolio?

    We revalue your portfolio on a weekly basis. Additionally, in the event of a sharp fall in the market prices, we conduct an interim revaluation.

    In whose name would the shares be held?

    Your shares remain in your name while you reap the benefits of your portfolio. It also means that you can continue to enjoy all your shareholder benefits such as rights, dividends and bonuses.

    How do I receive the overdraft amount?

    We will open a Current Account in your name into which we will create an overdraft limit. Your overdraft limit will depend on the quantity and value of the securities you have pledged.

    What are the other benefits that I can get from my Overdraft Account?

    Your Overdraft Account comes equipped with all the benefits associated with HDFC Bank's Current Account, such as PhoneBanking, NetBanking, BillPay and ATM facilities. What's more, as a privileged Loan Against Securities customer, you are entitled to our International Debit Card free of cost. (only for the first holder)

    How much do I pay?

    Interest rates at HDFC Bank are among the lowest available. And what's more, you only pay interest on the amount of the overdraft that you use and for the time you use it. Interest is debited to your account at the end of each month.

    How do I pay the interest accumulating in my Account every month?

    With reference to RBI guidelines vide DBOD.NO.BP.BC.10/21.04.048/2004, please note that interest debited in your Overdraft Account has to be serviced at monthly intervals or at such intervals as may be applicable from time to time, by way of credits into your Overdraft Account.

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