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Corporate Internet Banking
Corporate Internet Banking
We offer our corporate clients ENet™, a fully secured Internet based online, real time electronic delivery channel, providing convenient and secure access to their banking information over the Internet. ENet™ allows multi-branch connectivity and can integrate with heterogeneous core back-end systems across branches in India . This integration provides a seamless access point for clients.

ENet™'s 3-level hierarchical design (domains, groups and companies) is well suited to today's corporate vision of managing global businesses.

The major advantages of ENet™ are
Secured Gateway Architecture
ENet™ gateway architecture provides clients secured uniform access to the bank. ENet™ Gateway provides global banking information through its multiple branch connectivity and global connectivity interface.The ENet™ Gateway is highly configurable and scalable and can be easily enhanced to provide multiple delivery channel support to devices like PDA, Fax, Pagers, and Phones.
ENet™ offers 12 levels of application and system security. Some of the key security features include provision on pre-approved beneficiaries, SSL, RSA/TRIPLEDES Encryption, Smart Card and ActivCard security. ENet™ can also be easily integrated with major third party security software without many programming changes.
Customisable User Interface
The ENet™ Interface is easily customisable. ENet™ is developed using Object Oriented programming techniques and can be implemented in phases due to its modular structure.
Account Information
ENet™ offers complete Cash Management functions like cash reporting and payments information. This module can be used to view and print the following:
Statements of Account and Balances
Consolidated Balances across multiple currency accounts.
Drill down facilities for transactions and historical balances.

ENet™ delivers the client to export account information, which can in turn be used by the client's host accounting systems. Such integration facilities for SAP, Oracle Financial and other ERP systems are currently built into ENet™.
ENet™ allows the client to make Domestic payments using one of the following payment options:

Single Payment.
Multiple Payments / Quick Payments.
Bulk Payments.
Upload offline created files.
Infrastructure requirements for the customer
The customer needs a PC or notebook or network computer which can connect to the Internet and run an Internet Browser (Netscape Navigator 5.x or Internet Explorer 5.x).
Salary Payment uploads :
Enables you to upload the salary payment instructions for your employees stationed countrywide.

Foreign Exchange Transactions :
ENet™ keeps you updated of your foreign currency transactions, positions of your forward bookings and rates.

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