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Enjoy the convenience of paying your telephone, electricity and mobile phone bills through the Internet, ATMs and telephone - using BillPay, a comprehensive bill payments solution.

  • Features & Benefits

    • No queuing up at collection centres or writing cheques
    • Variety of payment modes - Internet, ATMs, Telephone
    • Payments can be made right up to the due date
    • Check your bill amount before you make any payments - ensuring you pay the exact amount
  • Mobile Phone Bills

    BillPay at ATMs:

    • Select the 'BillPay / Prepaid Refill' option from the main menu
    • Select 'Telephone / Mobile' from the sub menu
    • Select mobile phone bill
    • Enter the outstanding bill amount
    • Confirm

    BillPay through PhoneBanking:

    • Dial the PhoneBanking numbers in your city
    • Select the bill payments option in the Interactive Voice
    • Select mobile phone bill
    • Enter the amount and confirm the transaction

    BillPay through NetBanking:

    • Log on to NetBanking
    • Select the bill payment option and the company you need to pay the bill to
    • Enter the bill amount
    • In the next screen, bill amount and due date will be displayed. Confirm the payment
  • Electricity and Telephone Bills

    Companies for which you can pay your bills:

    Region Electricity / Others Telephone
    Delhi BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.
    BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.
    North Delhi Power Ltd.
    Airtel Telephone
    MTNL, Delhi
    Goa - BSNL, Goa
    Gujarat Torrent Power BSNL, Ahmedabad
    Haryana - Airtel Telephone
    BSNL, Gurgaon
    BSNL, Faridabad
    Hyderabad Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Ltd.
    Karnataka Bangalore Electric Supply Co. Airtel Telephone
    BSNL, Bangalore
    BSNL, Trivendrum
    Madhya Pradesh - BSNL, Indore
    Airtel Telephone
    Mumbai Reliance Energy
    Tata Power
    Mahanagar Gas Limited
    BSNL, Kalyan
    MTNL, Mumbai
    Punjab - BSNL, Chandigarh BSNL, Ludhiana
    Rest of Maharashtra MSEB, Pune
    MSEB, Nagpur
    BSNL, Aurangabad
    BSNL, Pune
    BSNL, Nagpur
    Tamil Nadu - Airtel Telephone
    BSNL, Chennai
    Uttar Pradesh
    BSNL, Kanpur
    West Bengal Calcutta Electric Supply Co. -

    BillPay at ATMs:

    • In the main menu, select the 'BillPay / Prepaid Refill' option
    • In the submenu, select either the 'Electricity' or 'Telephone / Mobile' option
    • Select the bill you want to pay, enter the amount and confirm
    • Partial or excess payment will NOT be accepted
    • Payments after the bill due date will not be accepted

    BillPay through PhoneBanking:

    • Please call the PhoneBanking number in your city
    • Select the BillPay option
    • The company and bill details will be read out to you for verification
    • Confirm

    BillPay through NetBanking:

    • Log-on to NetBanking
    • Select 'BillPayment' from the top screen
    • Select the bill payment option and the company you need to make the payment to
    • In the next screen, bill amount and due date will be displayed. Confirm the payment
    • A confirmation of the transaction of the bill amount from your account and a reference number will be given
  • Insurance Premium

    This facility is available for the following Insurance companies across India.

    • Life Insurance Corporation of India
    • Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
    • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited
    • Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited
    • Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited
    • Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited
    • Bharti AXA Life Insurance

    Premium payment through NetBanking

    • Log on to NetBanking
    • Select 'Bill Payments' option
    • Select Insurance Company
    • Details like bill amount (inclusive of interest if any) and due date will be displayed
    • Confirm the payment
    • A confirmation of the transaction of the bill amount from your account and a reference number will be given
  • How to register for BillPay

    Just login to NetBanking ,click on 'BillPay & Recharge' tab and follow the simple 3-simple steps to register online for this service

    Select biller under “Start here” in View / Pay Bills.

    • Step 1: Please select your biller category, location and the specific biller that you wish to add.
    • Step 2: Please enter details of the biller you wish to add.
    • Step 3: Please verify the biller details that you have added and click on 'Confirm' below to add this registration.


    • For mobile phone bills - you can start making payments after 12 hr from registration if biller provide ad-hoc payment option
    • For electricity/telephone/insurance - payment can be made on receipt of billing details. It generally takes 6 to 8 weeks depending on the billing cycle you fall in

    Incase your registration gets declined; the same will be communicated to you over an email with the refusal reason.

    Please click on view demo for more clarity

  • FAQs

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    What is BillPay?

    BillPay is a facility that allows you to pay your electricity, telephone and mobile phone bills using our ATMs, PhoneBanking or NetBanking facilities. You can now pay your LIC premium as well using this facility.

    How does BillPay work?

    HDFC Bank has tied up with a host of electricity, telephone, cellular phone companies and also with VSNL and LIC. When you register for BillPay, your billing details are made available to us while you continue to get your bills. So when you opt to pay your utility bills, your details are read out on PhoneBanking or displayed at the ATMs and NetBanking and you can confirm the bill payment. To pay your cellular bills, you need to enter the bill amount and confirm payment.

    Can I use the BillPay service to pay my electricity/telephone bills even if the house I stay in is not in my name?

    You can register for this service even if the house where you stay is rented. You can pay your electricity and telephone bills for the consumer number mentioned by you in the application form.

    What proof of payment do I have when I pay through the Bank?

    When your payment has been successfully made, you receive a confirmation on the PhoneBanking system and NetBanking or a transaction receipt at the ATM. Your account statement will also include the details of your transaction.

    How do I register for the BillPay facility?

    Click here to register online for the BillPay facility.

    What is the charge for BillPay facility?

    This service is absolutely free for all hdfc bank customers w.e.f. 1st August'11

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