If you are tired of searching for an ATM or standing in a queue to withdraw cash, then the [email protected] service is perfect for you. You can now use your Debit Card to withdraw cash at select merchant outlets when you shop.


[email protected], just to make life a little simpler!

What are the benefits of [email protected]?

Take a look at the benefits of [email protected].

  • Use any domestic Debit Card* to make cash withdrawals at select merchants
  • Maximum withdrawal limit of Rs. 1000 per day

What is the eligibility criterion to use [email protected]?

If you have a Debit Card that has been issued in India then you are eligible for [email protected]*.

*Please check with your Debit Card issuer if you have this facility on your card.

Transaction charges to use [email protected]?

The transaction charges may differ with the bank issuing the debit card. Debit Card holders are requested to check with their respective banks regarding the charges to use this service.

Anything important I should know about [email protected]?

When you are using the [email protected] service, please remember the following:

  • Cash withdrawals at Point of Sale (POS) are only available with domestic Debit Cards.
  • Check with your bank if cash withdrawals through EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines have been enabled on your card.
  • This facility is available only on HDFC Bank EDC machines.
  • You have to have your card with you at the Point Of Sale (POS) to withdraw cash.
  • Withdrawal charges will vary depending on the issuing bank.
  • The merchant is not entitled to charge you for the transaction.
  • Please sign the charge slip, which has a separate section for cash.
  • Keep your customer copy, in case there is a dispute.

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