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Q. What is InterMiles?

A: JetPrivilege is now InterMiles. At InterMiles, we believe that every journey deserves to be rewarding – whether it’s the purpose it fulfils, the experiences it brings or the memories it leaves you with. That’s why, we went ahead and created India’s most holistic travel and lifestyle brand, that rewards you at every step.

Q. JP had a Tiered Program? What is the InterMiles Program

A: Yes, JetPrivilege had a Tiered Program, the Tiered Program had the following Tiers- Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The members achieved/retained their Tiers basis the Tier Points and Tier Miles accumulated over a period of 12,18 and 24 months.

The InterMiles program is now simpler with only InterMiles as a measure of attaining/retaining a Tier. The InterMiles program has 4 Tiers Red, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Click here to know more

 A: All JetPrivilege members are by default InterMiles member. In-case you are not a member, please enrol here.

Q. What happens to the JetPrivilege Membership number on my Debit Card?

A: Your JetPrivilege Membership number is now InterMiles number. You can quote this number and earn InterMiles for all eligible spends, activities on InterMiles.com and on InterMiles Partners. You will continue earning your rewards in the form of InterMiles using the same card and on the same membership number.

Q. Are my HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit Cards still active/valid?

A: YES! Your Debit Cards are still active. You will now earn InterMiles as per your card’s existing earning proposition for every eligible activity. Click here to know your card.

Q. What about the Jet Airways benefits I have on my card?

A: The Jet Airways benefits have been replaced with InterMiles and Etihad benefits, which spread across Flights.You can check these benefits for your respective cards here.

Q. Will I be able to use my Debit Card anywhere/everywhere?

A: Yes! You can continue to use your Debit Card as you were earlier. You can make the most of your Debit Card by using it on InterMiles.com, where you can earn get accelerated InterMiles on Flights being booked on InterMiles and can be used on reward store & IOCL.

Q. When will I get a new InterMiles Co-brand Debit Card?

A: You will soon be receiving an SMS(from the bank) with more details*your card is good enough and in due course banks will reachout and inform on how and when to you for your debit card *

Q. I just paid my renewal fees for my card, do I need to pay fees for my card again?

A: No, if you have already paid fees this year, you need not pay fees. What’s more, as a feepaying customer you will enjoy the new InterMiles and Etihad benefits. Click here to know more.

Q. Will my accrued JPMiles expire?

A: No, your accrued JPMiles are safe and are now InterMiles. The validity of InterMiles is the same as JPMiles.

Q. Since the Jet Airways operations were suspended, I have not used the HDFC bank JetPrivilege Debit Card. What do I do to activate it?

A: You can transact using your Debit Card wherever it is accepted and activate it. In-case the transaction fails, please contact the bank to activate the card or you can call us on +91 842289 3333, write to us on memberservices@intermiles.com We would be happy to assist you.

Q. I had a JetPrivilege Debit Card, but I discontinued it. How can I get an InterMiles Debit Card?

A: If you have discontinued the card, you will need to re-apply for a new card. Our banking partners are working towards issuing new InterMiles Debit Card. Please check the Cards section on InterMiles.com, we will soon start issuing InterMiles Debit Card. You can then apply for a new InterMiles Debit Card.

Q. I had a JetPrivilege Debit Card, but I migrated to another card of the same bank. What do I do?

A: You can get an InterMiles card by reaching out to the bank and requesting for a new InterMiles Debit Card. Once you raise a request, you will soon get an InterMiles Debit Card. If you have any issues, please reach us on memberservices@intermiles.com.

Q. I used to get Tier Points on my Debit Card spends which enabled me to get a higher tier. Do I still earn Tier Points on Debit Card spends?

A: You no longer need Tier Points to attain/Retain a Tier since we have simplified the InterMiles program. You can now attain/retain a tier by the spends you make on your Debit Card and by associating on InterMiles.com and with InterMiles . The more you spend, the higher InterMiles Tier you attain.

Q. Can my Debit card spends help me achieve an InterMiles Tier?

A: Yes! By spending on your respective Debit Card you can achieve a Tier. What’s More! The bonus InterMiles you earn also contribute to your Tier achievement and retainment.

InterMiles= Base InterMiles (Basis accrual ratio) + Bonus InterMiles (Joining/Renewal + Other Bonuses)

Q. Where can I use the benefits accorded to me on my InterMiles Debit Card?

A: You can utilize all your benefits on InterMiles.com across any airline available on InterMiles.com. Click here to know about the benefits of your card.

Q. I want to apply for an InterMiles Debit Card. How do I apply for one?

A: Our banking partners are working towards issuing the new InterMiles Debit Card. Please check the Cards section on InterMiles.com, we will soon start issuing InterMiles Debit Card or call the bank for more details.

Q. I had paid fees for my HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit Card but did not get the quoted benefits. What do I do to claim the benefit?

A: Basis your card variant, JPMiles (now InterMiles) are credited to your account. Please check your InterMiles account statement for the same. For any discrepancy regarding the same, please click here for your queries.

Q. I have paid fees for a HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit card but have not got my benefits. How do I claim these benefits?

A: If you have paid your fees post 14th November 2019, your benefit will be in the InterMiles Wallet. If these are not visible there, please call us on 8422893333 or write to us on memberservices@intermiles.com.

If you have paid fees prior to 14th November 2019, we have credited JPMiles (now InterMiles) to your account. Please check your InterMiles account statement for the same. For any discrepancy regarding the same, please write to memberservices@intermiles.com.

Q. What are the benefits on the InterMiles card?

A: Your Debit Cards now come packed with benefits like

Joining/Renewal Benefits:

  • Discounts on Domestic Flights booked via InterMiles.com

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Discount on Etihad Airways Economy class bookings made on InterMiles.com*
  • Discount on Etihad Airways Business class bookings made on InterMiles.com*
  • 2.5 X Accelerated earnings for Etihad Flight bookings made on InterMiles.com*
  • 2X Accelerated earnings for all Flight bookings made on InterMiles.com

Limited Time Benefits:

  • Redemption Miles back for International flight bookings made on InterMiles.com*

Don’t forget, You still get your joining/renewal InterMiles on paying your annual fees!

*Click here to check your respective card benefits and associated T&Cs. (Link to Bank T&Cs hosted under T&C’s section on InterMiles.com)