Register & Pay

If you’re looking for a way to cut out the clutter, Register&Pay is the answer. That’s because with this service you can organize all your bills online, at your convenience.

Why use Register&Pay?

This easy payment option offers:

  • Bill management
  • Complete control
  • Payment with your HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Security

For all the registrations happened from 1st Apr'17 to 30th Jun'17 customers will receive 1% cash back for life time with a maximum cap of Rs 150 per statement cycle

What are the benefits?

  • No restriction on the number of added Billers
  • All bills archived
  • Reward points earned on your HDFC Bank Credit Card

What is Register&Pay?

Register&Pay is an extremely easy, safe way to centralise and view your bills.

Are you frustrated by piled-up physical bills, each with their own processes and payment dates? Have you had enough of tracking multiple utility bills while balancing your cheque book? With Register&Pay you really can do away with these hassles by viewing and paying your electricity, telephone, cellular and insurance accounts, all in one place. You can pay plenty of other bills too.

All you need is a HDFC Bank Credit Card. Complete the short registration, and you’re ready to go.


Make the most of another feature of Register&Pay - Auto Pay. Make all your payments automatic with your HDFC Bank Credit Card to enjoy even more seamless bill payment process. Transaction fee would be waived off for all bills that are converted to "AutoPay"

What are the charges?

  • No Registration fee.
  • For each payment transaction, there is a nominal fee of Rs. 10 (plus taxes)

What are the important things to know?

  • Submit the correct bill details for registration.
  • Payments can only be made for the list of billers mentioned.
  • Only HDFC Bank Visa and Master Card will be accepted.
  • Submit the correct bill details for registration so the biller can raise your bills.
  • In the case of any disputes, the claimant will have to settle the matter with the utility company.

How to Register

Just create a one-time login account. Then you can continue to add and delete billers from the list provided.

When it’s time to make a payment, select the biller and enter the details required. You then check the amount due on your bill, and click on the payment option to make an automatic payment with your HDFC Bank Credit Card.

With Register&Pay, you can also make part or interim payments. It does depend on the terms of the individual billers, but consider how this could work for your cell phone account, for example. Just check the payment page of individual billers to assess the flexibility offered.