BillDesk Bill Pay

Tired of keeping a track of multiple bills and multiple due dates? Here is a solution with HDFC Bank’s BillDesk Bill Pay. This service from Visa and HDFC Bank lets you pay your bills online,with your existing HDFC Bank Visa Debit / Credit Card, making it simple, fast and secure.

Why use BillDesk Bill Pay?

  • Pay all your bills online with your HDFC Bank Visa Credit or Debit card
  • Make your payments conveniently and securely
  • Organize bills like electricity, gas and telephone, all in one place

*This services is completely free

What are the benefits of BillDesk Bill Pay?

  • No more tedious cheques or forms
  • Choose the Pay Right Away service, or register for timed bill alerts
  • No missed payments or late fees

Is BillDesk Bill Pay safe?

You can be sure that the payments made with BillDesk Bill Pay are safe and secure. That’s because they are secured, encrypted transactions, made with your HDFC Bank Visa Credit or Debit card.

What are my payment options?

There are two convenient services to choose between, depending on your requirements.

Pay Right Away Service –Just select the biller you want to pay, enter details of your bill and payment, and authorize the transaction with your HDFC Bank Visa Credit or Debit card.

Register and Pay Service– There is a short registration required here, but you will only need to enter your biller details once. Using this option, you will receive an electronic bill summary at BillDesk Bill Pay every billing cycle. This is in addition to your physical bill. You will also be sent email alerts, informing you of the amounts needing to be paid, and reminders in the case of overdue payments.