West Bengal

As an account holder of HDFC Bank now enjoy the advantage of making hassle free online payment of Taxes / Dues for the State Government of West Bengal. HDFC Bank has been appointed as an Agency Banker for Government of West Bengal for collection of State Government Receipts.

Why use Online Payment of Government dues?

Convenience at its best!

How does it work?

A simple and convenient process


Click here for one-stop destination for all tax payments.

What kind of taxes can be paid online for Government of West Bengal?

The following taxes can be paid online using E-Net & NetBanking

  • Commercial Taxes
    • VAT
    • CST
    • SST
    • Entry Tax
    • Cess on Sale of Fuel
  • Land & Land Reforms Payments
  • Excise
  • Professional Tax
  • Registration & Stamp Revenue
  • Transport (Motor Vehicle registration)
  • Public Account - Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

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