We all want to ensure that our loved ones are never short in terms of financial resources to live the life of their dreams. We all want & need to make sure that come what may, the standard of living of our loved ones is never compromised. We also want to ensure that the burden of our debts & loans does not become a burden for them & their happiness.

For all of the above to happen, we need to ensure that the income for our family is protected. And the best way to do that is through a “Pure Term” insurance plan. Tata AIA Life Insurance Maha Raksha Supreme is that solution that provides this required financial protection to your family.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Maha Raksha Supreme, a Non Linked, Non Participating, Individual Life Insurance Pure Risk Premium Product, offers you a wide range of choices to fulfill your family’s specific needs of financial protection

  • Life Cover up to Age 85 or option for Whole Life coverage (till age 100 years)

  • Inbuilt Payout Accelerator Benefit that advances 50% of Basic Sum Assured in event of a Terminal Illness diagnosis

  • Increase in cover at future milestone events in your life with Life Stage Plus Option, without the hassles of fresh medical underwriting

  • Pay only once, for a Limited period or throughout the policy term

  • Option to enhance protection through Rider

  • Discounted rates for female lives and Standard premium rates for non-smokers

  • Tax benefits as per applicable tax laws