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  • Buy a wide range of products and services with your HDFC Bank Credit Card and pay in Easy EMIs
  • Set aside a part of your credit limit for online spends, per statement cycle, within the available limit on your primary card

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  • Register for SmartPay, enjoy convenience & add to you business savings

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What more can I do with my Business Gold Credit Card?

Please note,we have discontinued Business Gold Credit Card & thus system will automatically upgrade your credit card to Business MoneyBack Chip Credit Card which is loaded with Business saving features & also offers higher security with its chip technology on renewal/reissuance.

Know more about Business Saving features of Business MoneyBack Credit Card

Business Saving features currently available on your Business Gold Credit Card:

  • Save on business expenses with our unique features and extensive partner tie-ups. These include:
    • 1% Cashback on Air spends  -Buy air tickets on domestic airline websites and enjoy 1% cash back (Max. Rs. 500 per statement)
    • 1% Cashback on Utility Bill Payments - Enjoy 1% cashback (Max. Rs. 500 per statement)on utility bill payments (e.g. Electricity, Phone, Mobile etc.).
    • Surcharge waiver on Rail tickets - Enjoy a surcharge waiver (Max. Rs. 500 per statement)on rail ticket bookings made through
    • Fuel Surcharge Waiver - Enjoy fuel surcharge waiver of upto Rs. 250 per statement cycle, across all fuel pumps in India for transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs.5,000.
  • Business Savings Indicator (Basis hypothetical expense estimates)

    Your credit limit is Rs. 50,000 and statement balance for Apr'14 is Rs. 26,650 & spends breakup as follows.
    Spend categoryBusiness Gold Card OfferMonthly Expenses
    Monthly Savings

    Air ticket

    1% Cash back* (Max. Rs. 500)

    10,000 100

    Utility Bill Payments
    (e.g. Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill etc.) 

    1% Cash back * (Max. Rs. 500)

    5,000 50

    Rail ticket booked through

    Surcharge waiver* (Max. Rs. 500)

    5,650 100

    (For transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 5,000)

    2.5% Surcharge waiver (Max. Rs. 250 per statement cycle)

    6,000 150
    Total   26,650 400

    Please note,
    • All the benefits of Business Gold Credit card (except for Fuel surcharge waiver) are subject to minimum monthly statement balance of Rs. 7,500.
    • CashBack (if eligible) will be posted in the next month's statement cycle.
    • Maximum CashBack and IRCTC waiver restricted to Rs. 500 per statement.
    • Maximum Fuel surcharge waiver restricted to Rs. 250 per statement.
  • Balance Transfer: You can transfer your outstanding balance on your existing Credit Card to HDFC Bank and start saving immediately.

    Click here to know more.
    Click here for Terms and conditions.
  • Loan against your Business Gold Credit Card:
    Call our Credit Card helpline to avail a loan against your HDFC Bank Business Gold Credit Card.
  • Easy EMIs:
    Buy a wide range of products and services with your HDFC Bank Business Gold Credit Card and pay in Easy Monthly Instalments (EMIs).
    HDFC Bank presents the Easy EMI program to make your Credit Card usage a little more convenient and hassle-free. We have tied up with a number of merchant establishments to bring you this program.

    • Pay in Equal Monthly Instalments
    • EMI amount = Transaction Amount / Tenure
    • No documentation required
    • On-the-spot approvals

    How does Easy EMI work: First choose an outlet that is part of the Easy EMI program. Visit the outlet and choose the products or services you wish to buy. At the time of making the payment, inform the cashier of your intent of purchasing the product or service on EMI through your HDFC Bank Business Gold Credit Card.
    Processing Charges: You may be charged a processing fee on the transaction as a one-time charge or/and charge advance EMIs. Please check at the Merchant outlet counter for details.
    Repayment tenure: Please check at Merchant outlet counters for repayment tenure options.
    Click here to view the latest Easy EMI offers
  • Revolving Credit Facility:
    Enjoy the Revolving Credit Facility on your Business Gold Credit Card at an interest rate of 3.49% per month.
  • Net Limit:
    Set aside a part of your credit limit for online spends per statement cycle, within the available limit on your primary Credit Card. Click here to know more.
  • HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:
    Get complete peace of mind when you go abroad with a HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy. Choose from a wide range of plans for adequate coverage at premiums much lower than you ever expected.
  • Add-On Card:
    An Add-On Card is an additional credit card you can get on your existing HDFC Bank Credit Card. Click here to know more.
  • Add-On Sub Limit:
    An Add-On Card with a sub-limit feature provides enhanced control and security with the ability to track amounts spent on the card. Call our Credit Card helpline to avail this service. Know More
  • Important Message 
    Please note following changes will be applicable on your Business Gold Credit Card w.e.f 15th August 2017.
    Physical statement will be charged @ Rs. 50 per statement.
    Min. cash withdrawal charges will be Rs. 500.
    Late payment fee for statement balance more than 10,000 will be Rs. 750.

What are the Online Credit Card Security measures I should follow?

Below are some of the Online Credit Card measures you should follow:

NetSafe is a unique payment solution to make shopping safe and convenient. Create your virtual card online. This will be valid for a single use. Click here to know more.

Verified by Visa (VBV)/ MasterCard SecureCode:
Verified by Visa (VBV)/ MasterCard SecureCode is an online payment service that lets you shop online with safety and security using your HDFC Bank Credit Card. Click here to know more.

IVR 3D Secure:
IVR 3D Secure offers you an extra layer of security for your merchant IVR transactions. Now you can shop securely using your HDFC Bank Credit Card with an IVR password. Click here to know more.


Phishing is a way of attempting to get your Credit Card details over the Internet under false pretences in order to make fraudulent transactions with your card. Ensure you are very careful who you give your Credit Card details to.

Phishing is when someone, posing as a legitimate company, contacts you and tries to extract your Credit Card details. They can then use your Credit Card details anonymously to make purchases and it will be difficult to catch them. Please be careful and take a look at the do’s and don’ts listed below to protect your card from phishing.


  • Shop online only if you are dealing with a company or brand. One that includes its address and a phone number on the website.
  • Research before you buy! Make sure you know what the item costs and you know the return policy, if any; and the retailer's privacy policy.
  • Take a screenshot of your order page or save the page as an HTML file rather than printing it out.
  • Check your Credit Card statement and view your unbilled transactions frequently to catch fraudulent transactions.
  • Keep transaction numbers available in case you need to cross check later.
  • Keep your anti-virus up to date and make sure you install updates for browsers, applications and operating system software.
  • Safeguard your passwords. Choose strong passwords and a strong MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa code.


  • Don't give information like your date of birth, name, Credit Card number or security code on websites that look suspicious or websites you don't trust.
  • Don’t conduct transactions on public computers that may have malware on them. Use a trusted computer with anti-virus software installed on it.
  • Don't fall for phishing attempts from people trying to get your Credit Card details. Good signs of phishing sites are those with misspellings, poor grammar, URLs that are incorrect, etc.
  • Don’t type your Credit Card details unless you see "https" in the URL address bar and a closed padlock somewhere on the screen.
  • Beware of offers that are too good to be true, which often end up being scams.

How can I pay bills/ shop with my Business Gold Credit Card?

  • SmartPay: SmartPay is the smartest way to pay your utility bills with your HDFC Bank Business Gold Credit Card. Now give standing instructions on your Business Gold Credit Card and enjoy credit free period and cash back features as per your card.
    Click here to know more about the SmartPay.
  • NetSafe: NetSafe is a unique online payment solution that offers you complete security while shopping on the Internet. With NetSafe, shop online without revealing your actual HDFC Bank Credit Card number.
    Click here to know how you can enjoy a safe online shopping experience with NetSafe.

How can I manage my Business Gold Credit Card?

  • Have you lost your Business Gold Credit Card or has your Business Gold Credit Card been stolen?

    If you happen to lose your Card, report it immediately to our 24-hour call centre. After reporting the loss, you carry zero liability on any fraudulent transactions on your card.

    This will help us to immediately block all transactions on your card and initiate the process to deliver a new card to you within the next 3 business days. Any fraudulent transactions after reporting the loss will be borne by us. If you happen to recover the card after having reported it lost, please do not use it. Cut it into 4 pieces, cut it especially through the magnetic strip at least once, and return it to us.
  • Want to know more about your Monthly statements?

    Your monthly statement is a record of all transactions you've made during a particular month. When you make any transaction, you receive a charge slip or a bill from the Merchant Outlet. Keep these slips and cross check the amounts stated in your monthly statements. In case you find a transaction that doesn't match your records, call us immediately on our 24-hour helpline.

  • Want to register for statement on E-mail?
    You can request for email statements through the NetBanking- Credit Cards module, if you are a NetBanking user.
    Alternatively, you can call your nearest customer service center to request for email statements.

What are the fees and charges I pay?

Please click here to see the fees and charges applicable on your Business Gold Credit Card.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • Effective 1st July 2017 Service Tax , KKC & SBC of 15% is replaced by Goods&Service Tax (GST) at 18%
  • The applicable GST would be dependent on place of provision (POP) and place of supply (POS).If POP and POS is in the same state then applicable GST would be CGST and SGST/UTGST else, IGST.
  • GST For FEE & Charges / Interest transactions Billed on statement date will reflect in next month statement.
  • GST levied will not be reversed on Any dispute on Fee & Charges / interest.

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