INVESTMENT ASSIST (powered by HDFC securities)

You can’t leave investing to chance. You need right information at the right time, powerful tools and research ideas that work best for you. Get all the information, a suite of investment choices and multiple platforms to track your portfolio in one place.



Market Overview

Stock prices can flip in seconds. Keep a tab on the markets with our intuitive Mobile trading app with live data streaming that will help you keep pace with the markets. Now keep a track of all your investments as well with the Portfolio Tracker on the mobile trading app.


Market News

Find all the news and reports on the companies, stocks, futures & options, mutual funds and currencies that impact your investments.  They are available at a single place and on a single click.


Unbiased and Objective Research

Looking for attractive short term trading opportunities or long-term winner picks? Get trending and actionable stock ideas backed by our finest research desk. Plan and evaluate your investment ideas with our suite of unbiased and insightful research reports from our research experts.


Stock Screener

Looking to do your own homework before picking a stock? Use this online search tool to find top stocks. Customise this tool to search based on criteria of your choice or you can use our predefined stock screeners.

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Equities & IPOs

Experience ease, seamlessness and convenience with your equity investments. Benefit from specialized products and features such as emargin, Encash, Cover order, 100% inter – settlement, , Off – Market facilities, etc. to maximize your investments. Buy and sell shares on both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Say good bye to writing cheques and paperwork. Investing  in equities and IPOs is just a matter few clicks or a call.

Mutual Funds

You can purchase mutual fund units online just like stocks through your trading account. The units will get credited to your demat account. You can even redeem the units (in demat form) online. The funds will get credited to your linked banked account on T+2 basis.

Did you know: DP nomination / address KYC gets automatically updated across all Mutual Funds in your Demat a/cs. You dont have to effect the change in each individually.


Dematerialization of Mutual Funds

Convert and store your physical Mutual Fund documents in an electronic form. Easy steps to dematerialize your Mutual funds:

  • Fill the CDSL or NDSL Dematerialization Request Form
  • Carry the latest statement of account (SOA) as an evidence of holding Mutual Fund units (Holding pattern in the Statement of Account (SOA) should be the same as that in the Demat account)
  • Submit the duly filled form and supporting documents to the nearest HDFC Bank DP servicing branch.



Trade in stock or index futures, options and currency derivatives on the click of a button. Take advantage of highest time leverage up to 3 months and hedge yourself against volatile markets.


DIYSIP in Equities & ETFs

Don’t let the volatility of the market affect your investment strategy . Instead make it work to your advantage through a Do-it-Yourself SIP in Shares. Through DIYSIP, you can buy pre-specified quantity of stocks/units at regular intervals over a period of time. DIYSIP option is available in stocks, Gold ETFs and Index ETFs. Track and Manage your DIYSIP investments online.

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Mobile Trading

In this fast paced world, you need a powerful trading app to stay connected to the markets and your investments. Our next generation Android,i-phone and i-Pad trading apps are easy to use, easy to navigate and best optimized for your smartphone screen. Powered by rich features, stock trading is easy as clicking a selfie.

Now, manage your portfolio on the go with portfolio tracker on HDFC securities mobile app.


  • Trade in Equities & Derivative
  • Get a pie chart and asset-wise summary of all your investments.
  • Buy/Sell stocks directly from your equity holdings.
  • Manually add stocks or transactions to your portfolio.
  • Get a summary of your short / long-term capital gains.
  • Measure net worth and portfolio performance any time.


Advanced Portfolio Tracker

Advanced Portfolio Tracker gives you the "Power to Optimize" your investments. Track all your investments across asset classes, corporate action, get capital gains summary and transact on a single click, on a single window. You can even download the Investment Portfolio Summary to get an insight into the performance of your portfolio.

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