Aadhaar Enrolment

Individuals who do not yet have an Aadhaar number can visit our Aadhaar Enrolment Centers at designated HDFC Bank branches.

Click here to view the list of Aadhaar Enrolment and Update Centers.

Aadhaar Enrolment Process:
Step 1: Visit the banks Aadhaar Enrolment Centre and fill up the Aadhaar enrolment form
Step 2: Submit proof of identity and address documents
Step 3: Operator / Verifier at the center will complete the enrolment process
Step 4: Aadhaar card will be dispatched by UIDAI, through post on registered address or residents can download e-Aadhaar from the below link:-

Aadhaar Update

Residents, who want to change/update their current Demographic details on their Aadhaar card,
can do so by visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment and Update Center.
Demographic details that can be updated are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth/Age
  • Gender
  • Mobile number
  • Email Address

Charges for Aadhaar services:
New Aadhaar Enrolment - Free
Other Biometric Update - Rs.25 + GST
Demographic Update (Name, Address, DOB, Mobile, Gender, Email) - Rs.25 + GST
Find your Aadhaar& B /w print out - Rs.10 + GST

How to check Aadhaar Enrolment and Update status:

UIDAI has provided following channels for residents to check their Aadhaar Enrolment/ Update status: