Merchant Services

THE ONLY BANK to provide payment solutions for card acceptance of all franchisee with class apart in-house service management


  • Launched in 2001, HDFC BANK Merchant Services offers a range of products to provide alternative solutions for each of your business needs
  • The only BANK powered by an in-house Service Team.
  • We believe IN “ONE BANK ONE SALE” philosophy – One stop for all your banking needs.

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  • Ease of transaction, flexible pricing options to choose from.
  • Customized reports as per your needs
  • Acceptance of millions of Diners/Discover Cards on the HDFC Bank EDC terminal

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Product Offering

Go Mobile : Go mobile with our GPRS/MPOS terminals which enable wireless transaction processing.

  • Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) is a paradigm shift in the world of payment solutions. It’s a new generation Electronic Data Capture (EDC) device that empowers merchants to accept and process card transactions using a mobile phone
  • A Secure Card Data Reader (this gets paired with mobile phone via Bluetooth, audio jack or USB of Mobile Phone) Bluetooth adapter
  • Mobile phone installed with MPOS application
  • Mobile phone with android OS (version 2.2 and above)
  • MPOS server to process transactions and route it to the bank for authorization

BUY BIG PAY SMALL with our Easy EMI: Offer EMI facility to your customers with NO DOCUMENTATION!

  • Easy EMI :-
    Allows HDFC Bank Credit Card customers to pay for their purchases in Equated monthly Installments
  • Easy Payments :-
    Allows customers to pay back in Easy Instalments – reduces the burden of one time payment.
  • No Documentation :-
    No paperwork to be filled. Customer has to only swipe his card.
  • Instant Approval :-
    No approvals required. Easy EMI is just a swipe away for the customer.
  • Earn reward points :-
    Customer earns reward points on Easy EMI as on any regular purchase made on his card.
  • Transparent :-
    Customer does not pay any hidden charges

GO INTERNATIONAL with our Flexi Currency : Offer HDFC Bank Flexi Currency to your customers and enable them to purchase in their home currency. We accept 16 international currencies and we are MasterCard/Visa compliant.

Offers card holders the option to pay in INR OR their respective card billing currency. You should opt for this product if your business has a lot of foreign national customers.

  • Choice :-
    It offers a choice to the customer to make his card payments in INR or in his home currency.
  • Convenience :-
    It gives convenience to the customer to know his billing amount in his home currency without going through the hassle of converting it.
  • Transparency :-
    The service provides the Cardholder billing amount in his home currency as well as in INR.
  • Simplicity :-
    The Foreign exchange amount on the charge-slip will be the amount charged to the cardholder in his card statement.
  • Foreign Conversion Risks :-
    The service also insulates the cardholder from any probable Forex currency fluctuations that may occur in the currency markets.

OUT of cash!!! Emergency cash for your customers! With our Cash @shop: Offer cash withdrawal on domestic debit cards up to Rs 1000/- per day per card.

Cash @ SHOP will help the cardholder in withdrawing emergency cash when an ATM facility is not available nearby .

Pricing options

Attractive pricing schemes available - Our dedicated MRM will take you through all the pricing schemes

ELIGIBILTY and Documentation

To be eligible for Merchant Services you need to have a:

  • Valid business establishment with BPR
  • Business that has been in existence for at least 6 months or more

Documentation required for Merchant Services:

Help Line numbers as a separate TAB in contact us:
OUT OF ROLLS  ? ? ? SMS ROLL <TID NO> on 9222232929
Separate Page to apply now!!!!---    C
Separate Page for visibility requests - CLICK

What is the payment gateway for Merchant Services?

HDFC Bank Payment Gateway provides a single platform to support multiple payment technologies. The solution supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Electronic Transactions, Pseudo Card Numbers (PCN), 3-D Secure Visa Authenticated Payment protocol and MasterCard Secure Payment Application (SPA).

HDFC Bank Payment Gateway enables the merchants to stay abreast of rapidly changing payment technology; it incorporates a hosted payment page that provides a common interface with the merchant web site, regardless of which secure payment protocol is used. HDFC Bank Payment Gateway also provides secure browser-based access for real time transaction monitoring and reports download.

Our Payment Gateway integrates risk-management and fraud-detection software using a sophisticated, easy-to-manage rules-based system that monitors merchant and cardholder activity.

Payment Gateway is a flexible, scalable solution designed to accommodate the rapidly evolving Internet secure payment environment for businesses. It offers a user-friendly facility to businesses to sell their products in a hassle-free manner to their target customers and ensure receipt of payments upfront.

Overview of Payment Gateway

How an internet transaction is initiated and processed through Payment Gateway ?

  • The customer fills his shopping cart on a merchant website and proceeds to check out.
  • The transaction information is transmitted to the merchant server.
  • The web merchant forwards a digital order to the Payment Gateway server in an encrypted format.
  • The Payment Gateway authenticates the merchant and provides payment options and payment details screens directly on the customer's browser over a secure 128-bit SSL+ connection.
  • The customer provides his credit card details, which is directly sent to the Payment Gateway server when he clicks "Pay" .
  • The credit card details are then switched to the Operator / Bank for authentication.
  • The Operator / Bank then transmits the message to the cardholders' bank for payment authorisation.
  • The issuing bank authorises the payment, provided the card is valid and has the requisite credit limit and transmits the confirmation back to the Payment Gateway through the Operator / Bank
  • On receiving the authorisation, Payment Gateway forwards a digital receipt to the merchant server.
  • The merchant provides a confirmation of the payment to the customer's browser.
  • The entire process integrates seamlessly with the shop and buy application of the web merchant.
  • The merchant may then ship the goods and capture the transaction on the gateway server.

Features of Payment Gateway


  • Supports multiple merchants on a single platform.
  • Acceptance for most of the major credit and debit cards.
  • User interfaces for merchants are browser enabled.
  • Supports multiple platforms.


  • Time to market - integrating merchants via simple universal payment adapter (Merchant Plug-In).
  • Scalable to process a few thousand transactions to millions of transactions / month on a real time basis.
  • Utilises Java architecture and a relational database — either Microsoft SQL or Oracle — for scalability and portability.
  • Integration with existing applications and support for various shopping cart applications are simpler and faster.


  • Provides an integrated, flexible rules-based risk-management system that operates with all secure payment protocols.
  • Transactions are screened by up to three negative files – BINs; hot cards reported lost or stolen; and warm cards that have exceeded usage or other temporary parameters.
  • Supports multiple payment types and can route to various authorisation systems and traditional card payment engines.
  • Provides extensive online query capabilities that support evaluation of transaction activity.
  • Allow cardholders to create personal assurance messages which can later be exchanged with their financial institutions during the purchase transaction
  • Supports CVV2 and CVC2 for fraud control .


  • Supports online, batch and IVR transactions
  • Provide merchants with real time access to transaction data, reports and other relevant information through web.
  • Provide both cardholders and financial institutions with the knowledge that purchases have been securely authenticated.
  • Maintain a complete digital history of orders including confirmation numbers, payment, shipment and other relevant details
  • Secured user interface for system management and operations
  • State-of-the-art security technology and processes .
  • Comprehensive user guides and support information.
  • 24x7 helpdesk support

Helpline Numbers

We have an, in-house, dedicated, customer service team, which trouble shoots in case you need any assistance on the machine operations, rolls, charge backs, reports, etc. In case you need any assistance on the EDC machines installed at your outlet please call us up at the following numbers

LocationPhone number
ANDHRA PRADESH 040-33557000
BIHAR & JHARKHAND 0612-33557000
CHENNAI 044-33557000
COIMBATORE 0422-33557000
DELHI 011-33557000
GOA 0832-33557000
GUJARAT 079-33557000
KARNATAKA 080-33557000
KERALA 0484-33557000
MAHARASHTRA 020-33557000
MUMBAI 022-33557000
NORTH EAST 09333557000
ORISSA 0674-33557000
PUNJAB 0172-33557000
RAJASTHAN 0141-33557000
WEST BENGAL 033-33557000

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