GiftPlus Card

A great alternative to cash and gift-vouchers. Gift Freedom of Choice.

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  • Easy to check balance available on the card at any time
  • Wide acceptability at all Visa merchants

Apply now through NetBanking

GiftPlus Card

Gift Plus Card

What are the benefits of HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card


You will get some exclusive features and benefits with your HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card

  • How often have you run out of time to find that perfect gift, and had to give simple cash? The HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card offers you a much more personal option.
  • Your recipient can choose their own gift, and whether it's a restaurant visit, entertainment or shopping, it's entirely up to them!
  • Working just like a Debit card, GiftPlus Card transaction amounts are debited directly from the set card balance. Remember that it is not possible to use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs.
  • GiftPlus card is a VISA enabled card which is accepted at all VISA based merchant establishment
  • It’s also easy to track – using a PIN you can check the card’s balance and transaction history.

How do I get the HDFC Bank Prepaid Gift Card?

GiftPlus cards are available in all HDFC bank branches. You can also purchase GiftPlus card online, through our NetBanking service.

Detailed steps for online purchase is mentioned below:

Login NetBanking.
Go to Request section under the Accounts tab and select "Purchase Gift Card".

GiftPlus Card can be personalised with the beneficiary name as provided by you.

GiftPlus Card Interest Rates & Charges

Enclosed below are HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card Interest Rates & Charges

Description of ChargesGiftPlus Card
Issuance fee Rs. 100 (plus taxes)
Annual Maintenance Fee N/A
ATM withdrawal charges(HDFC Bank) N/A
ATM withdrawal charges (Non HDFC Bank) N/A
Balance Enquiry(HDFC Bank) Nil
Balance Enquiry(Non HDFC Bank) N/A

Already have a GiftPlus Card?

Did you know?

  • You can swipe your card only on VISA enabled Merchant outlets all over India.
  • When you are prompted at ATM machines or Merchant Outlets you should select the Credit Card option to use your card.
  • You can check the balance on your card on any HDFC Bank ATM.

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