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Smartcard alternative to meal vouchers for corporates


FoodPlus Card

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What are the benefits of HDFC Bank Food card

Wondering why you should choose the FoodPlus Card over traditional paper vouchers?

Vouchers need to be physically distributed and reconciled every month. Usage is tracked manually, and if a voucher is lost or damaged, there’s no way to get it back.

With the FoodPlus Card, you only need to go through the distribution process once. Then, it’s just like a Debit card, easy for your employees and for you.

In addition to all this:


You will get some exclusive features and benefits with your HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card

  • Lost cards can be hot-listed
  • Card balances can be checked at HDFC Bank ATMs
  • Every card account comes with NetBanking access
  • PhoneBanking is offered with every card

Where can it be used?

The FoodPlus card is accepted at all Visa ‘Food & Beverage’ outlets, across India

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FoodPlus Card Interest Rates & Charges

Enclosed below are HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card Interest Rates & Charges

Description of ChargesFoodPlus Card
Issuance fee Rs. 100 (plus taxes)
Annual Maintenance Fee Rs 100/- Plus taxes
ATM withdrawal charges(HDFC Bank) N/A
ATM withdrawal charges (Non HDFC Bank) N/A
Balance Enquiry(HDFC Bank) Nil
Balance Enquiry(Non HDFC Bank) N/A

Already have a FoodPlus Card?

Did you know?

  • FoodPlus Card Card can be used only at domestic Visa "Food & Beverage" outlets
  • A FoodPlus Card can only be used in India.
  • When you are prompted at ATM machines or Merchant Outlets you should select the Credit Card option to use your card.
  • You can check the balance on your card at any HDFC Bank ATM.

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