PayNow-Credit Card

PayNow is an instant solution. Use your HDFC Bank Credit Card to make quick and easy bill payments on the HDFC Bank website.

Why use PayNow?

Make bill payments in comfort

  • A simple way to pay
  • Safe and secure
  • No registration required
  • Earn reward points on your card, every time you pay

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What are the steps?

  • Select your biller location
  • Provide the bill details
  • Authorise the payment

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What’s PayNow all about?

Tired of writing cheques and balancing chequebooks? Looking for a no fuss payment solution? PayNow puts it all right at your fingertips, wherever you’re comfortable. You can make simple payments from your home or office, with no need to register.

Best of all, you can earn rewards points on your HDFC Bank Credit Card, while enjoying the credit free periods offered.

Use PayNow to:

  • Organize electricity, telephone and cellular bills
  • Contribute to charity
  • Secure magazine subscriptions
  • Remit club membership monies

What should I know?

When you have received a bill, just follow three steps:

  • 1. Select the biller location (e.g. Mumbai, Delhi, etc).
  • 2. Choose from the list of billers in that location, and enter the relevant details. (Keep the physical bill close by when making your payment, because you will need to enter items such as customer number, cycle number, bill date etc. You will be prompted to verify everything before continuing).
  • 3. Authorise the payment, using your Visa or MasterCard HDFC Bank Credit Card. (Typically, you will enter your card number, its expiry details, CW number (those 3 digits on the back of your card) and the name on the card).

Here’s what we do:

Payments are processed over a secure gateway, and authenticated by us.

When the instructions have been processed successfully, your card account is charged and the payment is directed to your selected biller.

You will be sent an immediate confirmation.


  • To check the List of Billers
  • Only HDFC Bank Visa and Master Credit Card will be accepted.
  • Submitting the correct details is important. Entering the wrong information could lead to wrong payments, and, in this case you will need to follow it up with the Utility Company.
  • A nominal fee of Rs 10/- (plus taxes) will be added to each transaction.

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Terms and Conditions

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