Warrant Payment Centres

Locate your Dividend, Interest Redemption, Fixed Deposit, Brokerage, Refund Centres

HDFC Bank offers a wide range of Collection and Payment services to meet the complex Cash Management needs of Corporate clients. We provide a clearing platform to process payments Atpar through our large network of branches with centralised database. The centralised payment system connects our entire branch network and is capable of processing any type of payment through Warrants, Demand Drafts and Direct Credit for customers holding an account with the bank for Payment of Dividend, Interest Redemption, Fixed Deposit, Brokerage, Refund on Collections, etc. These are payable Atpar at any of the HDFC Bank locations from a central account maintained with HDFC Bank after validation with the issue file. This ensures that there is no fraudulent payment.

Apart from Warrants, Corporate Payments can be routed through the electronic mode i.e. RTGS/NEFT/Direct Credits /ECS and Demand Drafts. Cheque printing facility is also offered wherein the cheques can be printed centrally at specified remote locations as per client requirement. MIS and Reconciliation of account is provided on a fortnightly and monthly basis.


List of HDFC Bank Clearing Locations for Warrant Payment :
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