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Common questions for all Cash@Shop

All Cash@Shop

Are there any charges on the Cash@Shop facility?

There are no charges from the merchant offering this facility. There may be charges from the issuer. Please contact your issuing bank.

Can I avail of Cash@Shop on any Debit Card?

You can only avail of the Cash@Shop facility if your Debit Card has been issued in India.

Can the Cash@Shop facility be used on a Debit Card if the Debit Card holder is not present?

No, the Debit Card holder has to be present for a Cash@Shop transaction to take place.

Do I have to make a purchase at the outlet to avail of the Cash@Shop facility?

Cash@Shop withdrawals can also be made without purchases.

Do I have to sign a separate charge slip if I avail of the Cash@Shop facility to make purchases and withdraw cash?

There is only one charge slip to be signed. The charge slip will show a separate indicator for the cash amount and the purchase amount.

Is there a withdrawal limit?

Debit Card holders can withdraw up to Rs. 1,000 per day.

Where can I avail of the Cash@Shop facility?

Refer to the list of merchants on our HDFC Bank website that offer Cash@Shop on the HDFC Bank EDC terminal.

What is Cash@Shop?

Cash@Shop offers a cash withdrawal facility to Debit Card holders on HDFC Bank EDC terminals at select Merchant Outlets.