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Vishwa Shanti Seva Charitable Trust is a charitable trust which was established in the holy presence of Shantidoot Shradhey Shri Devkinandan Thakurji Maharaj, under provision of Indian Trust Act on 20th April 2006. The Trust works all over India and in other countries of the world for various welfare activities.

Aims and Objectives of the Trust:

  • 1. To create peace in the world, and a sense of brotherhood, love & mutual harmony amongst public in general.
  • 2. To organise Kathas and other public awareness programmes in India & other countries of the world for development of humanity.
  • 3. To establish ashrams for maintaining world peace & brotherhood and gurukuls to provide education to the poor and weak segments of the society.
  • 4. To make best efforts for a good environment by planting trees and cleaning rivers.
  • 5. To arrange, establish higher/senior secondary schools. To provide general education and also to bring the education of best standards within the reach of poor and backward children at the lowest possible cost.
  • 6. To publish magazines, journals and other publications on different subject and in different languages for the promotion of above aims and objects regarding religious growth.
  • 7. To establish, maintain and administer ashrams including homes for old, sick, disabled.
  • 8. To distribute necessary things like clothes, food and money for the poor and needy.
  • 9. To grant relief during natural calamities such as floods, etc., and to give donations, subscriptions and provide relief work for persons affected thereby.


  • 1. For world wide peace, in Holy Presence of Pujya Thakurji, the trust conducts Various Bhagwat Kathas:
    • a. Shreemad Bhagwat Katha
    • b. Shree Ram Katha
    • c. Shree Krishna Katha
  • 2. Conducting discourses and Bhajan-Sandhya
  • 3. Publication of monthly magazine
  • 4. To make available CDs-DVDs of Kathas and Bhajan sung by Pujya Thakurji
  • 5. Arrangement of marriage for poor girls
  • 6. Helping disabled and backward classes
  • 7. To provide help for widows and homeless women
  • 8. Construction of temple of Priya Kant Ju in Vrindavan (under construction)
  • 9. Construction of Ashram (under construction) – Shanti Seva Dham
  • 10. Construction of old age home, hospital and school (future plan)
  • 11. Construction of Gau Raksha Organisation (future plan)

About Shanti Seva Dham (under construction)

The Vrindavan Dham, the land where Shri Krishna had spent his youth, have hamlets even today. They are alive with Shri Manmohan's legend and still redolent with the music of his flute. Shri Vrindavan, is not just a village but, it is the sweet home of Lord Shyamsundar, which was noted for its fragrant groves, where Shri Madhusudan spent an eventful youth with Goddess of love Shri Radha Rani and Brajwasi. At the first door of Vrindavan, going from Chhatikara to Vrindavan on Delhi-Agra road after 1 km on the right hand side, we are constructing Shanti Seva Dham with blessings of our Yugal Sarkar Shri Radha-Madhav.


Ashram for performing various seva activities like hospitals, temple, ygyashala, old age home, bhojanalay and more.


  • 1. Free medical facility for poor, sick and disabled people.
  • 2. Free food facility for poor, hungry and disabled people.
  • 3. Accomodation facility for old people, who do not have any other place to live.
  • 4. Sitting facility for 10-15,000 people to listen satsang.
  • 5. Ygyashala for creating pure and good atmosphere.
  • 6. Construction of lotus temple where 1000 people can sit together for chanting.

What all we have in Shanti Seva Dham:

  • 1. Number of rooms: - One hundred and fifty (150)
  • 2. Satsang halls: - Eight (8)
  • 3. Bhojanalay: - One (1)
  • 4. Office: - One (1)
  • 5. Hospital: - One (1)
  • 6. Ygyashala: - One (1)
  • 7. Old age home: - One (1)
  • 8. Temple: - One (1)

In the 2.5 acres of land, a beautiful temple of our Ishta Shri Priya-Kant Ji is going to be made. This holy place is far away from crowded places. This is a very peaceful place, free from pollution and also where all the devotees will find good living arrangement (parking, room, food). Shanti Seva Dham's construction work has been started on 31/09/2009 and would get completed in about three years of our target time with Lord's grace and support of devotees. For this construction to take place, we need around Rs. 40 to 45 Crore.

About Us:

About Devkinandanji

Shantidoot Shradhay Shri Devkinandan Thakurji Maharaj is a melodious Sankirtanist, a humble humanitarian, awakened Nimbaraki, follower of truth, blessed by intelligence, devotee of Shree Radha Sarveshwar, optimistic and spellbinding orator of Bhagwat Kathas,,popularly known and called as Thakurji by the loved ones.

Birth Of The Messenger Of Peace (Shantidoot)

Thakurji was born on 12th September, 1978 in a pious family, in Ohawa village Chir Ghat of Shri Krishna Janambhumi- Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh, country of sages -India. His father, a humble Brahmin Shri Rajveer Sharma and his mother, a believer of Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapuran, were filled with God's grace, mercy and happiness with the birth of him as their 2nd child in a family of four sons and two daughters.

Childhood - Opening Of The Petals Of His Life

From his childhood days, he showed signs of greatness. At the very young age of 6, he left his home and came to the land of bliss and love - Shree Dham Vrindavan and participated in Brij's famous Rasalila Sansthan (organisation) and performed as Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. Since, he played the role of Thakurji (Lord Krishna); his guruji, mother, father and the loved ones called him as "THAKURJI".

Spiritual Life - Beginning Of His Holy Journey

At Shree Dham Vrindavan, he was blessed by Priya - Priyatam (Lord Radha - Krishna) and was brought at the door of his spiritual preceptor - his Pratah Smarniya Pujay SADGURU, ANANT SHRI VIBHUSHIT BHAGWAT ACHARYA PURSHOTTAM SHARAN SHASTRIJI, got dikshit (spiritual initiation) under the GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA (Guru-disciple lineage system) as the follower of the NIMBARAK SAMPRADAYA.

At the age of 13, under the shelter and by the blessings of his Sadguru, he studied and memorised the entire SHREEMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN. He had a simple way of doing it, that of not having his morning breakfast or even lunch unless he memorised a prescribed number of verses, every day. Thus, within months he memorised the entire SHREEMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN and recited it, in full, everyday. Such was his eagerness to study scriptures. His Sadguru recognised the great holy determination in the young man and within few years of his joining the ashram, gave the monastic name of 'SHRI DEVKINANDAN THAKURJI MAHARAJA'.

His Sadguru found that he is a good orator and entrusted him with the seva (service) of conducting discourse and recitation of SHREEMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN. He also held regular discourses, during the evening satsangs in the very presence of his Sadguru.

At the very young age of 18, by the blessings of his Sadguru and Ishta dev, he recited and propagated the teachings of SHREEMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN at the Shree Ram Temple of Shahdara in Delhi. His simple and unique way of recitation and delivery of discourses made him loved by everyone, even by the small children. Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Ram katha; and bhajan sandhya are his specialties. His exemplary life, great command of spiritual knowledge, love towards all beings and his very impressive and dynamic exposition of SHREEMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN philosophy is attracting enormous interest all over India, and in different countries of the world . In the year 2001, devotees who were attached to him due to his teachings, got interested in him to such an extent that they invited him to the countries outside, which he accepted with the permission of his SADGURU ANANT SHRI VIBHUSHIT BHAGWAT ACHARYA PURSHOTTAM SHARAN SHASTRIJI and went to Hong Kong. This was his first trip out of India. People of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland had the good fortune of listening to his discourses live. His service to his Sadguru has earned him special blessings of the master, which has made him what he is today.

Vishwa Shanti Seva Charitable Trust

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