• 25% off on movies and up to 15% off on dining. (at participating outlets)
  • Bouquet of discount vouchers as welcome gift
  • 2 Reward Points (RP) on Rs. 150 spent. 5 RP on dining spends on weekdays (Mon-Fri)
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at Rs. 250 every billing cycle (ST applicable).

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  • Get movie discounts of Rs. 1,800 or more in a year!
  • Earn big discounts of Rs. 4,500 or more every year on dining!
  • Save Rs. 1,500 in a year on your fuel transactions
  • Scan QR Code on Times Card with a smart phone and access exclusive offers website www.hdfcbank.timescard.com

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What are the features and benefits of the Titanium Credit Card?


Avail of the following exclusive features and benefits with your Titanium Credit Card:


  • Welcome Benefit
    Get started on an entertaining journey with a bouquet of Gift Vouchers, across Shopping, Apparel, Dining and many more categories. Visit www.hdfcbank.timescard.com to view the range of welcome offers.
  • Great Offers on Movie and Dining
    Avail amazing round-the-year Discount Offers at participating Movie & Dining outlets in your city. Visit www.hdfcbank.timescard.comto view the latest Movie & Dining Offers and outlet details.
  • Attractive Reward Points
    • Earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent on your card.
    • Weekday Dining Bonanza – Earn 5 Reward Points* on every Rs. 150 spent on Dining spends on weekdays (Weekdays = Monday to Friday).

      * Transactions which are classified under the ‘Restaurant’ Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined by VISA/ MasterCard only will be eligible for the bonanza reward points. Merchant Category Code (MCC) classified under ‘Hotel’ categories will not qualify for bonanza reward points.

  • 0% Fuel surcharge*
    Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at Rs. 250 every billing cycle (ST applicable).
    *Effective 15th April,2016, Reward points will not be accrued for fuel transactions
  • Safe & Secure Transactions
    DIP your Chip Card at any Chip enabled POS or swipe your card at any non-chip POS (Regular POS).
  • Zero liability on lost card
    If you lose your Credit Card, report it immediately to our 24-hour call centre. After reporting the loss, you carry zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made with your card.
  • Interest free credit facility
    Avail of up to 50 days interest free from the date of purchase (subject to the submission of the charge by the Merchant).
  • Reward points validity
    Reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation.
    ex:- if you receive reward points in May 2015, same will expire in May 2017.
  • Revolving Credit
    Enjoy Revolving Credit on your Credit Card at nominal interest rate, refer Fee and Charges section.
  • Utility Bill Payments
    Register your Titanium Credit Card with SmartPay, HDFC Bank's Utility Bill payment service. You can then ensure that all your utility bills are paid on time, conveniently and easily.


  • Get movie discounts of Rs. 1,800/- or more in a year!
    (Assuming you book 4 movie tickets every month @ Rs. 150 per ticket at participating movie outlet)
  • Earn big discounts of Rs. 4,500/- or more every year on dining!
    (Assuming you dine for Rs. 2,500 every month at participating dining outlet with 15% discount)
  • Save Rs. 1,500/- in a year on your fuel transactions!
    (Assuming your average fuel purchase every month is Rs. 5,000/-)
  • Scan QR Code on Times Card with a smart phone and access exclusive offers website - www.hdfcbank.timescard.com


You are eligible for the Titanium Credit Card based on the following:

1) Age

Salaried Employee

  • i)  Minimum Age: 21 years
  • ii) Maximum Age: 60 years

Self Employed

  • i)  Minimum Age: 21 years
  • ii) Maximum Age: 65 years

What are the fees and charges applicable on a Titanium Credit Card?

First Year and Renewal Fee on Titanium Credit Card is Rs. 500/- (Service Tax as applicable)

Please click here to view the fees and charges applicable on your Titanium Credit Card.

Learn about EMV Chip Cards

HDFC Bank welcomes you to the world of EMV Chip Cards. This range of Credit Cards comes equipped with a Chip Technology that provides you with enhanced security.

At HDFC Bank, we understand your need for safer and more secure transactions. With HDFC Bank’s range of EMV Chip Cards you can rest assured that your card transactions are safe and completely secure.

The Chip Card processes your data with unparalleled security and it is virtually impossible to copy or tamper with. It also protects your card against counterfeiting and skimming.

EMV Chip Cards are currently available on the following Cards:

  • Regalia
  • Superia
  • Platinum Edge
  • Titanium Edge
  • Solitaire
  • Solitaire Premium
  • Doctor's Superia
  • Doctor's Platinum
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Titanium
  • Teacher's Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Visa Signature
  • World Mastercard
  • Titanium

A Must On Your International Tours

Your International travel and shopping experience should always be secure. Here's where your HDFC Bank EMV Chip Credit Card enables you to travel the world, dine at the finest restaurants, shop at the best places and soak in and enjoy the best experiences from around the world without having to worry about security of your transactions. Your Chip Credit Card helps protect you from fraudsters, forgers and all other security risks that you may face while using your Credit Card.

There are quite a few countries today where it is considered risky to use Credit Cards as the risks are high. HDFC Bank's EMV Chip Credit Cards helps you side-step this hurdle and provides you with a convenient and satisfying experience on your international trips.

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