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If you have accounts with Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered along with your HDFC Bank Account, OneView gives you a single platform to manage them all centrally.

  • Features & Benefits

    • No need to individually log on to internet banking of every account
    • Manage up to 5 accounts in different banks
    • Remember only ONE password
    • This service is available absolutely FREE
  • How secure is OneView ?

    • Robust firewall protection makes it nearly impossible to break through
    • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology used for transmitting info
    • Automatic time-outs ensure that your account details are not viewed by others
    • Absolute safety for your money as you can only view your accounts and cannot transact
  • FAQs

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    What can you do with OneView?

    Currently you get a single view of your online accounts with HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank, which includes -

    • Current/Savings account balances
    • Current/Savings account transaction history
    • Fixed Deposit summary
    • Saving/Fixed Deposit summary
    • Citibank Credit Card
    • Citibank Credit Card transaction history
    • HDFC Bank Demat profile
    • HDFC Bank Demat holdings
    • HDFC Bank Demat status

    How do you benefit from OneView?

    Take a look at the numerous advantages you have:

    • Get a single view of multiple online accounts that you and your family hold with HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank
    • See all transactions made on your Accounts
    • Get a summary of your Fixed Deposits at a glance
    • Easier to decide from which account to make payments and investments
    • Managing your accounts is simpler; no need to log on to and get information from different websites
    • You pay nothing whatsoever - it's absolutely free

    Is there a charge for the service?

    The service is absolutely free.

    What type of accounts can be viewed?

    Currently you can view your Current/Savings Account balances, transaction history and FD balances of HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank, Demat of HDFC Bank and Credit Cards of Citibank through OneView.

    Do I have to be a HFDC Bank NetBanking customer to use this service?

    Yes. This service is restricted only to HFDC Bank NetBanking customers. If you are not registered for HDFC Bank NetBanking call PhoneBanking (if you have a Telephone Identification Number) or download the NetBanking registration form from the Bank website ( The completed form can be submitted at any HDFC Bank branch.

    Is the OneView User ID different from the NetBanking Customer ID?

    Yes. You have to register separately for OneView and create your own unique OneView User ID by clicking on "Click here to register" or "Register" on the main login screen. Then you can set up your OneView User ID and password. OneView registration is an online process.

    Can my OneView User ID/password be different from the HDFC Bank NetBanking Customer ID/IPIN?

    Yes, as these are different services, we recommend that you keep different IDs.

    Is it mandatory to key in the HDFC Bank password every time I use OneView?

    No, it is not necessary to key in the HDFC Bank password every time. You can enter the password of the banks for which you wish to view the information.

    Can I enter multiple User IDs/Customer IDs from the same bank to get one view of them?

    Yes. You can enter multiple User IDs from the same bank to get one view of them.

    Can I enter the login IDs of my family members and get the details?

    Yes, you can view the accounts of your family members if you know the Login ID's and passwords.

    How many accounts can I add?

    You can add up to 5 Bank accounts at one time. Currently, these five Bank accounts have to be from HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC India, Standard Chartered Bank. You can add or delete accounts as and when you choose to. Alternately, if you do not enter the password of one of the Banks, the data for that Bank will not be displayed.

    What happens if my IDs of the respective Banks have been disabled?

    You have to contact the respective Banks and get your login ID enabled. Then you can access the accounts through OneView.

    How do I get Internet Banking User IDs/passwords for different Banks?

    Please talk to the respective Banks and they will help you to get Internet Banking ID.

    Can I transfer money from one Bank to another using this facility?

    No, this facility only displays information and cannot be used for any financial transactions.

    What is the time taken to display the information from other Banks?

    The time taken to display information on OneView depends on your Internet connection as well as the response time of other Bank sites. It could take anything between 1 -3 minutes.

    Will it show all kinds of Fixed Deposits?

    Yes, all Fixed Deposits linked to the login ID you have entered will be displayed.

    Do you store my Internet Banking passwords?

    No. We do not store your Internet Banking passwords.

    I have changed my Internet Banking passwords of other Banks. How do I update them at the Bank site?

    You do not need to update any password on the Bank site, please enter your new passwords to get the aggregated account information.

    Is the information displayed up to the second?

    The information displayed on OneView is the same information that you would get if you logged into the relevant Banks at that instant. HDFC Bank information is up to the second.

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