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Quickremit is the online money transfer service from HDFC Bank. This service offers you the best exchange rates in town without compromising on the security and agility of the service.

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  • Features & Benefits

    Why choose this product:

    • Superior and best-in-class exchange rates
    • Quick, easy and secure money transfer option
    • Superior exchange rates
    • Direct credit to your or your beneficiary's HDFC Bank Account in INR
    • Direct credit to your or your beneficiary's account with other banks (more than 54200 branches of over 90 banks across India)
    • Doorstep delivery of Rupee Demand Draft at over 1650 locations across India
    • Track your transfer through the online tracker and via e-mails
    • Maintain an address book of all beneficiaries
    • Send a personalised message with the remittances
    • Round-the-clock customer service assistance available at your service
    • Make online donations to a host of charitable trusts and organisations
  • Exchange Rates, Fees & Transaction Limit

    Applicable exchange rate for my remittances

    • Click here for today's Exchange Rates.
    • The rates shown are only indicative rates and the rate applicable to your remittance is based on the rate prevailing on the day your funds are converted into rupees.

    Service Tax for online transfers

    • For Amount of currency exchanged up to Rs.100,000 - tax will be 0.14% of amount, or min Rs.35/-
    • For Amount of currency exchanged above Rs.100,000 up to Rs.1,000,000 - tax will be Rs.140 + 0.07% of incremental amount above Rs.100,000
    • Additionally, in case there is a Demand Draft drawn on Non-HDFC Bank location, extra fee of Rs. 0.75 per thousand (minimum amount of fee - Rs. 20) will be deducted.
      Fees and charges are subject to change; HDFC Bank reserves the right to modify the charge schedule without prior notice.

    Transaction limits for online transfers

    • Minimum Amount of EURO to execute a transaction is EURO 50
    • Maximum Amount of EURO that can be sent in one transaction is EURO 5000

    EUR Limits
    Duration Transaction No. Amount
    Daily 10 30000
    Weekly 30 60000*
    Annual 80 100000

    Transaction Charges

    Transaction amount (in Euros) Fees per transaction (in Euros)
    50 - 1000 7
    1001 - 3500 5
    3500 - 5000 0

    *One week count starts from the day the money from the previous remittance reaches beneficiary account in India.

  • Registration Process

    • Step 1: Log on to
    • Step 2: Register yourself for Quick Remit service.

    Please note : There is no need to add your local bank account on our website.

  • Transaction process

    • Step1: Log on to Quickremit website
    • Step 2: Click on the "Remit Now" link.
    • Step 3: Choose your country as EUROLAND, with this you will be shown the currency as EURO
    • Step 4: Choose "Wire Transfer" as the preferred mode of transfer.
    • Step 5: Add details of the beneficiary, the recipient of your remittance in your Address Book.
    • Step 6: Add the amount that you want to send in EURO.
    • Step 7: Get the print out of the "Transaction confirmation sheet" from our website and instruct your bank to do a low priority wire transfer of the money.

    BLZ Code 51230500
    IBAN Number DE34512305000018331800
    Bank Account Number 018331800

    Process mechanism :

    We assure you that once we receive the amount of your remittance, (within 4 working days) the same will be dispatched to your beneficiary.

    We would send you confirmation e-mail once the funds are dispatched to your recipient

    We are sure that you would be extremely pleased with our service as utmost care is being taken while transferring your money.

  • Tracking your remittance

    • Log in to Quickremit to check the transaction status on the Online Tracker
    • If your transaction status reads "Funds in Clearing" then it means that we haven't received credit. As soon as we receive the money, the notification changes without delaying payment to the recipient in India.
    • Also, receive email updates about your transaction status
  • Online donations

    Quickremit offers you the simplest way to make online donations to a host of charitable trusts and organisations in India that are empanelled with HDFC Bank.

    For more information, please logon to Quickremit

  • FAQs

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    How do I make an online transfer from Germany, France and Italy?

    After filling the transaction details on Quickremit, access your account via Internet Banking and transfer the remittance amount to our Correspondent Bank - Standard Chartered Bank .
    On initiating a funds transfer through your bank account, you will be provided with an 'Internet Banking Trace Number'. You need to enter this number for your transaction on Quickremit.
    The Internet Banking Trace Number is compulsory to process the transaction.

    How do I make an online wire transfer from the EUROLAND?

    After initiating a transaction on Quickremit, you need to take a printout of the instructions page (providing information about our Nostro Account Details) provided on the last leg of the transaction booking. You need to initiate a local wire transfer to our Nostro Account held with Standard Chartered Bank, Germany. Please instruct your bank to use MT103 Payment option while sending money through Wire Transfer.
    Quickremit gives you a unique Remittance Transaction Reference Number (RTRN) for your transaction, enabling you to track your remittance online.
    Email updates will also be sent to you for tracking the status of the remittance.

    How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive money?

    To learn more about delivery schedules, click here

    When is money transferred from my Bank account?

    There are a number of reasons for which you can send money to India:

    • For credit of funds to your NRI Account
    • For family maintenance
    • For online donations to specified charitable organisations. Click here for more details

    If I have a query on my remittance, how can I get it resolved?
    Can I do trade / Business related transactions through Quickremit?

    No, you cannot do any trade/business related transactions through Quick remit.Only personal remittance will be allowed.

    If my account is locked, how can I activate?
    Can I send money from a 3rd party account?

    No. As per the compliance process, you need to send money from your own overseas account only.

    If I have already used my existing yearly money transfer limit, can I enhance it?

    Yes, you can, provided you are holding an NRE/NRO Account with HDFC Bank. To enhance your limit, click here and submit the online form.

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