What are the special benefits that I get any special benefits for using NetBanking?

  1. We have special discounted rates for Demand Draft request / Managers Cheque requests made through NetBanking.

  2. There is no charge for Stop Payment and Funds Transfer. Third Party Funds Transfer is also free of charge except for certain types of accounts like Plus accounts.

  3. There is a minimal charge of Rs. 50/- for ad hoc Statement Request.

  4. In addition, you have the convenience of being able to Bank Anywhere and Anytime even when the bank is closed.
I cannot read some digits of the IPIN. What should I do?

You have to apply for Regeneration of IPIN i.e. a fresh IPIN. This is because the IPIN is a number randomly generated by the system and you are the only person with access to it.

I have forgotten my password? What do I do?

All you need to do is to fill up the e-Age Banking Channels Form, available at any of our branches or downloadable from here. Alternately if you have a Telephone Identification Number (TIN) you could call up Phone Banking unit in your city to request for a fresh IPIN. The IPIN (password) will be sent to your mailing address. This process is called Regeneration.

Who can do only Financial Transactions?

Individual account holders, Kartas of HUF, Joint account holders (with Either or Survivor mandate) and Proprietorship firms can do both Financial and Non-financial transactions.

Who can do financial and non-financial transactions?

Joint account holders (with joint operating mandate) and Authorized signatories of Partnership firms, Corporates, Trusts and Private Limited firms get only Non-financial transaction access.

What do you mean that the transactions are "Real-time"?

Real-time means as of that instant. Effectively, all transactions that impact your balance i.e. increase or decrease the balance (except for Demand Draft request and New FD request) are carried out immediately by the system.

e.g. You transfer funds between your accounts, you will notice both the accounts being impacted immediately. The balance in one has increased while in the other it has decreased.

When will my transactions affect my account?

All transactions, except for Demand Draft Request and New Fixed Deposit request, will affect your balance immediately. Demand Draft request and Fixed Deposit will impact your balance at the beginning of the next working day.

Will you inform me in case the Demand Draft cannot be made?

Demand Draft request is an offline transaction. It is executed on the next working day. We will send you an Email or a letter in case the Demand Draft cannot be made along with the reason.

How will the Fixed Deposit Receipt be sent to me?

Confirmation of Fixed Deposit acceptance will be sent by e-mail on the next working day and the Fixed Deposit Receipt will be sent to you by Post. The Value date of the FD will be the date you made your FD request.

Will you inform me in case the Fixed Deposit cannot be made?

An Email or a letter will be sent in case the Fixed Deposit request cannot be accepted along with the reason.

What is the procedure for availing of Third Party Transfer facility?

To avail of TPT facility, you have to sign the TPT declaration form, which is available on the Net or at any of our branches after you have received your IPIN. An e-mail will be sent to you confirming your TPT registration.

Can I do funds transfer between two different banks?

TPT is presently available for transferring funds only between HDFC Bank accounts.

I submitted my TPT registration form to the branch. I still do not have access to the facility.

Once we have registered your Cust ID for TPT (on receipt of the TPT form) we send an e-mail confirming the same. You can then login and attempt a transfer of funds. In case you are unable to transact, please contact your branch or send a mail to

What should I do if I no longer need TPT facility?

You have the option of De-registering yourself from the TPT facility. This option is available in the drop down menu on the TPT screen. Once you De-register, you have to fill in a fresh form to avail of the facility again.

How will I know that my transaction has been completed?

The NetBanking system does one of the following depending on the transaction you have requested:
a. Displays the information requested.

b. Acceps your instruction and displays an appropriate message to the effect or gives you a transaction reference number which you may use to refer in all future communication regarding the same.

c. Displays an appropriate message on why it cannot complete your transaction / or asks you to try again.

How safe are my requests / transactions on NetBanking?

You can be assured of complete security when you use HDFC Bank's NetBanking facility. We have built in several checks to safeguard your NetBanking transactions.

  1. Your Customer ID and IPIN (password) are unique. You alone have access to both. Your password (IPIN) is not known to anyone (not even bank employees) except you.

  2. After logging in, you are requested to change your IPIN (password) periodically.

  3. We use a technology called 128-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts all the information between you and the Bank. This is the highest level of security commercially available today.

  4. Your ID gets locked after 5 attempts. This is to guard against an unauthorized user trying to access your account by trying out various combinations.

  5. Every time you log into NetBanking, the date and time of the last login will be displayed so that you can make sure that nobody other than you has accessed your account.

  6. After logging into your account, if there is no activity in the account for 5 minutes the NetBanking session times out. You will have to log into your account again.

In addition to these online security features, we have in place a dedicated team to monitor the access to the Web server and to prevent unauthorized access.

I have two accounts & customer IDs for the same. How do I know which IPIN (password) is valid for which Customer ID?

An IPIN (password) is a set of alphanumeric digits, randomly generated by the system, and the only person, who has access to it, is you. For obvious security reasons we do not print the customer ID or account number on the IPIN. What you could do, therefore, is try the two combinations of the Customer IDs and passwords, which you have. Or you can link your accounts to one Customer ID and apply for a fresh password.

Why is my NetBanking IPIN not functioning?

The IPIN (password) is case-sensitive. Please key in the IPIN in lower or upper case as mentioned in the PIN mailer sent to you.

The other possible reasons could be:

  • You have not accessed your account for more than 180 days

  • The system has deactivated your NetBanking facility after 5 unsuccessful attempts.

If any of the above happens, please inform us at and we will reactivate your NetBanking facility at the earliest.

How can I login if I have forgotten my IPIN (password)?

In order to avail of HDFC Bank NetBanking facilities you have to apply for a regeneration of the IPIN as mentioned earlier.

How do I change my IPIN (password)?

To change your IPIN (password), please follow the instructions given below

  • After you have logged into NetBanking, you can change your IPIN by using the change IPIN (password) option. The IPIN (password) could be alphanumeric and less than or equal to 15 characters.

  • After changing the IPIN you have to logout of NetBanking using the logout option. In case you wish to do any other transactions you have to login again.

I have changed my IPIN (password) but am unable to use my old or new IPIN. What am I supposed to do?

This is possibly because:

  • You have not keyed in the new IPIN (password) correctly

  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts, your NetBanking access has been disabled.

In case you remember your IPIN, please send an e-mail to with subject line "Enable ID" and mention your Cust ID in the body of the e-mail. We will enable your access within 24 hrs.

In case you have forgotten your IPIN please request for a new IPIN using the Regeneration process mentioned above.

How can I block my IPIN OR De-register?

You can give a written instruction to the nearest Branch requesting them to block your Cust ID and hence de-register from NetBanking.