Recurring Deposit Calculator

Experience the power of compounding with recurring deposits from HDFC Bank

Regular savings and disciplined investing is the key to wealth creation.A small amount invested every month can help you create a sizable corpus in a few years. This recurring deposit calculator allows you to see how your money can grow.

Simply input installment amount that you would like to invest every month and select the period for which you can continue investing, and click Calculate Maturity Amount. The recurring deposit calculator will compute the maturity amount and also present the same in a tabular as well as a graphical form for ease of comprehension.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

Installment Amount (Rs.) :
Interest Rates(per annum) :
SelectPeriod (in months)Interest Rate (per annum)Effective From
68.2502 Nov 2013
98.7527 Jul 2013
128.7527 Jul 2013
158.7512 Sep 2012
248.7512 Sep 2012
278.7512 Sep 2012
368.7512 Sep 2012
398.7512 Sep 2012
488.7512 Sep 2012
608.7512 Sep 2012
908.2510 Dec 2010
1208.2510 Dec 2010

1. Minimum.Tenor for NRE Recurring Deposit is 12 months
2. Senior citizen rates are not applicable for NRIs